10 Ultra Original Ways to Save on Your Wedding

Take note of these ten ultra-original ways to save at your wedding – without anyone noticing the difference. Of course!

Marriage parties are expensive — no doubt. But there are always details that can be eliminated or devote a tiny part of the budget. The best advice for not exceeding your budget is to keep the course, that is, do not add what you do not need. Anyway, there are always ultra original ways to save at your wedding. And here they go!

Save and Surprise with Original Invitations
1. Instead of the classically printed invitations, you can prepare a nice video of two or three minutes. It can be romantic, musical, fun or in the style that you like, with photos of you and the details of the party. It will be surprising, economical and much warmer than an envelope received by mail. You can send it by email or by WhatsApp.

The outside is what counts. If you have to send invitations, make them simple and cover the envelope. Follow this step by step to save even more. Photo: Pinkerton Photography – Arizona.
The outside is what counts. If you have to send invitations, make them simple and cover the envelope. Follow this step by step to save even more. Photo: Pinkerton Photography – Arizona.

2. Do not look for a wedding dress. The moment you mention wedding dress, prices go up. And for tremendously similar dresses! If you want to save on your clothing without sacrificing your look, look for dresses in white or ivory or in the colour you want the most! Even designers have lower prices when it comes to dresses. You will be surprised by the exquisite models you will find.

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A dress in a romantic or minimalist style, a suggestive neckline or a well-marked figure can be the detail that makes your beauty and your personality shine in front of your guests. To look like a real queen in your wedding party you do not need to resort to the classic wedding dresses.

3. The shipping costs are added to the deliveries of each supplier, and you want them not, they are a budget in themselves. Look to minimize these expenses with free shipping. Sometimes it is a matter of planning purchases to reach a certain amount that qualifies you to eliminate shipping costs and other times you achieve unifying providers. For example, that the delivery of your wedding tent and its decoration are made on the same trip.

4. If you have a friend or a confectionary aunt. How about you ask for a simple, well-decorated cake as a wedding gift? Your friend will be happy to please you, and you will make a significant saving. In case you did not know, the average price of a wedding cake in the US is $ 500. Not bad, right?

5. If you do not have anyone who can do these works of art, do not worry. Buy pastry items and desserts at the supermarket — each time its bakeries and bakeries stand out more for their quality and prices. For example, the Publix offers some New York style cheesecakes that surprise for their flavour every time I bring home to my friends.

6. The larger the table, the smaller the number of centrepieces or table decorations that will be needed. Instead of tables of six people, choose those of 8.

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7. Cloth napkins are expensive. Not only rent them but they are washed and ironed. That’s why an ultra original way to save money at your wedding is with paper napkins with super cool designs.

8. When searching for quotes, cross out the word “wedding” in your vocabulary: you are looking for services for events. Many catering companies offer two banquet proposals, one for weddings and another for other celebrations. Did you know that the wedding menu includes additional options and do not usually inform you about the differences? That is if you do not ask, you pay the most expensive by default.

You already know: from now on the word ” event ” will be your new password when looking for better prices for your wedding.

9. When it comes to photo booths, someone has to take the photo. So that your guests do not have to stop having fun to become photographers. Or so you do not have to pay someone who feels out of the photo booth and press the button, buy a stick or stick for selfies! So that everyone fits in the photo, the selfie sticks or canes for selfies come as a glove. With a stick, just a simple click to increase the fun at your wedding, even at the time of the dance!

10. An open bar can be super entertaining, and we are sure that your guests will love it. But we are also confident that a “beer bar” or a wine tasting will be highly appreciated and will help you to save on drinks without being criticized for not serving alcohol.