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10 Wedding Night Ideas (and Tips) to Make it Unforgettable!

Wedding night ideas to create a most memorable moment for two. Expectations versus reality. Shocking secrets revealed!

Everything you need to know to enjoy your wedding night is here. We share the real about one of the newlywed’s most anticipated moments. Plus ten wedding night ideas to enjoy it to the fullest (you’ll never want this night to end) and make it totes unique!

There is a lot of talk about the wedding night — so many expectations. Couples were hoping to re-enact a Valentino movie scene. Newlyweds thinking the magic will appear out of thin air. Unfortunately, things don’t happen like we imagine them to be. Let’s reveal the truth about the wedding night.

Wedding Night Shocking Secrets Unveiled!
The wedding night is finally here and guess what? More than likely, it won’t be what you expected at all. You probably have a list of “we gotta do” things planned. But once the nerves of the wedding day are gone, your energy will drop, and you’ll both feel exhausted. Needless to say, if you are planning on catching a flight to your honeymoon spot the very next morning, your body WILL demand at least a few hours of sleep!

Don’t be disappointed if after so much dancing, partying and a few drinks, you don’t have the energy for a marathon sex kind of night. Sleeping and resting could be an excellent plan. Maybe the wedding night will turn into an unforgettable morning!

Wedding night ideas abound. You can head out to your honeymoon destination right after the wedding. Bask in the glory of a whole stress-free day and get ready to enjoy your wedding night in paradise! Now, let’s check a few more ah-mah-zing wedding night ideas!

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10 Wedding Night Ideas To Create a Most Memorable Time
Even if you are exhausted, give these wedding night ideas a shot. Make this night unforgettable!

1. Many couples are too excited or too busy even to try the food at their reception. Have drinks and snacks ready when you arrive at the hotel! You will not be disappointed when you get to enjoy good champagne, and a box of chocolates together in bed.

2. Have your bridesmaids get your hotel room ready. Flowers, dim lights, oil essences and candles make for a perfectly relaxing atmosphere. They will score points for adding a delicious meal topped with dessert for two. These wedding night ideas will so hit the spot.

3. Sexy lingerie and underwear are a must even if you are not planning on having hot sex on your wedding night. It will make you feel more attractive. Besides… isn’t it better to cuddle up against soft silk jammies or a lace undie than a worn off garment?

4. Most couples have already been intimate before getting married, and many live together. They could be a bit disillusioned with the wedding night. Don’t despair! Choose something you’ve never tried before – tender-sweet lovemaking under a starry sky, making a long-time fantasy come true – or withhold from being intimate for the whole week before the wedding. You want this night to be scintillating!

5. We love wedding night ideas that include water. It’s sensual, fun and quite relaxing! After a whole day filled with excitement, diving into a tub for two sounds divine. Warm water, salts. Scented candles, music and two glasses of bubbly. Soap it up! 🙂

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6. Set the mood with aromatic oils. Give each other a full body massage. The oils will awaken the senses while relaxing all of the right parts. Are you taking note of these wedding night ideas?

7. You may be spent. But it’s never too late for some cuddling. Play some background noise you have heard like a gazillion times and get lost in each other’s embrace.

8. Play with your food! (yes, you’ve been told not to do this but tonight is an exception) Watch 9 1/2 weeks with Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger if you haven’t already. You’ll find it on Amazon Prime (at least, as of right now) and on YouTube. It will inspire you!

9. Turn your wedding night into the make-out night! Keep your underwear on and wait until the first night of your honeymoon. Movies and popcorn allowed!

10. Take your time: You have your whole life ahead of you. So, get rid of any misconceptions surrounding your wedding night. All couples go through this!