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3 tips that really work to reduce dark circles

3 tips that really work to reduce dark circles

Dark circles are a problem that, in addition to making you look bigger, adds several minutes to your daily beauty routine; to cover them we end up using layers and layers of makeup.

However, there are proven ways to reduce them that help make your morning routine much less complicated. How effective each remedy is depends on how marked your dark circles are.

Today we will give advice that goes from the simplest, such as dark circles caused by fatigue, to the most complete for difficult problems.

1. The iced tea

If you know you’re going to unveil and you need to look cool the next day, make a cup of green tea and put it in the refrigerator.

In the morning, dip two cotton wipes in the tea, fold them in half to form half moons and place them over your dark circles. Let the cotton do its work for 5 minutes and rinse with fresh water.

2. Creams

If your problem no longer depends on the sleepless you need something a little more effective. Look for a cream that contains retinol.

We recommend that you use it every 2 days so that you let your skin rest and that you stop using it if it irritates you. There are other remedies that can be effective in emergencies, such as applying cream for hemorrhoids, but we do not recommend that you use products that are used in other parts of the body so close to the eyes.

3. Apparatus

When your dark circles are too marked, if your bags have already been converted into suitcases and there is no way to eliminate them at home it is time to look for a treatment.

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You do not need surgery, there are radiofrequency devices that help your body produce more collagen; This causes the skin to stretch and make those annoying bags disappear.

Exilis Elite is an innovative team that gave us amazing results in a single session. When you go to Kaloni Medical (the beauty clinic that uses this equipment in Mexico) they give you an assessment and recommend the number of appointments you need to obtain the best result; It is the only treatment that has left us totally impacted after a single visit.

The results are long lasting, so you can forget about dark circles for a long time.

You do not have to live with dark circles, you can do a lot to make them disappear!