5 essentials for a unique autumnal wedding

Is autumn your station? The romanticism of its colors, the magic of its light and the bonanza of its climate make it the perfect time for any link to become a truly unique and exceptional celebration.

In love with autumn? Celebrate the wedding in this fantastic time of year is the perfect excuse to decorate your stage with original ideas for weddings inspired by its warm features. Thus, from its marvelous colors to its exclusive fruits and flowers they can be the absolute protagonists of a link in full harmony with the environment. Beginning with the wedding invitations , your B day will acquire a romantic and autumnal image, ideal if what you are looking for is, precisely, to reflect that essence. In this way, even the wedding details that you want to give to your loved ones will harmonize with the season that is now beginning: the warm autumn.

Warm color palette
Autumn brings with it a unique natural beauty that will fit perfectly with decorating ideas for weddings of any style. Its unmistakable colors -such as orange, garnet, dark green or brown- will create a warm atmosphere, perfect in such romantic celebrations. In addition, the use of this chromatic palette, far from being strident or too flashy, will result in a unique and brilliant combination .

Do you want advice? Begin by applying the colors that will star in the bridal scene in the design of your homemade wedding invitations . In this way you will be giving the best of welcome to the guests on a day that will undoubtedly be unforgettable. Every detail counts!

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Small details: seasonal fruits
The fruits of the season, such as chestnuts, pumpkins or figs, for example, can be part of different corners of the ceremony and banquet, becoming the best allies to dress your stage. Natural, economic and perfect , they will provide a unique touch to the decoration.

As centerpieces, forming part of the ideas for photo call that you include on day B, as part of the decoration of the bridal hall, as a detail in the lighting of that original groom suit … Thanks to the grateful beauty of these fruits, derived from its shapes and colors, you can dress any corner of your wedding . Without exception!

Materials: endless possibilities
The wood or natural trunk bases, aged metal, glass, white tinted details and craft paper will fit completely into the natural decoration of a link in autumn, while these elements will allow you to create small corners full of magic and romanticism .

The flowers, a staple of the stage
The wild flowers -like the paniculata, the pineapples and the succulent plants-, together with the presence of pine or olive leaves and flowers of warm colors -brown and orange, in their majority-, will form a floral decoration as brilliant as indispensable at any autumnal wedding. And if you choose a natural bridal bouquet to match the flowers that will dress your stage, the result will be truly unique.

Bridal cake: chocolates, vanilla and fruits
And in addition to playing with your decoration to achieve that much desired autumnal essence, why not also do it with the bridal dessert? Make all the guests enjoy a cake full of flavor wrapped in a warm and autumnal design . A cake of chocolate and red fruits, or a naked cake of chocolate and nuts, decorated with pineapples, figs or flowers in warm tones, will put the sweetest golden flourish to a seasonal, perfect “yes, I want”.

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Although an autumnal wedding will fit perfectly with any style, the truth is that the rustic links will be better than none this fantastic seasonal decoration. A simple dress and wedding dress , warm colors, wedding invitations made with recycled paper, the use of certain elements, such as wood or aged metal, and a fully natural decoration will also be characteristic of a romantic country wedding. Do you dream of a “yes, I want” style?