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5 tips to avoid stress when organizing your wedding

5 tips to avoid stress when organizing your wedding

That boy you love so much asked you if you want to marry him and then tell him that it is time to start organizing everything, something that as you go forward you can cause a great deal of stress . And it is that to realize a marriage is not easy at all, because you must look for local, to choose dress, to obtain shoes, etc.

Knowing this and to help you not to end up ‘bald’ and on your wedding day you wear a wig, lines below we give you some recommendations so that the tension does not take hold of you:

1.- Write a list with the things you want
Get together with your partner one weekend and separately write on a sheet how they would like your wedding to be. Then, join ideas and between the two create another list based on the preferences of both and with which the two agree.

2.- Get a special agenda for the event
The mind is not a machine and if you have many things to do will be impossible to remember everything. Please use a planner, trust me you will not forget anything.

3.- Check the Internet for ideas
In the world of networks you will find everything, so this will be the ideal place for you to discover where to get what you need for the wedding of your dreams.

4.- Do not want to do everything alone *
If to organize your marriage you have to divide the time with your work schedule, then it is best to hire a wedding planner. Also, for things to go spectacular you can ask your mom or a friend to be present on the days you can not.

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5.- Do not believe expectations

If getting married has been one of your dreams since you were little, chances are you have everything defined. However, sometimes it will be impossible to get certain things and that may cause you not to enjoy the event.