Creative Wedding Photography

6 tips to get creative wedding photos

6 tips to get creative wedding photos

When you are doing a wedding photography session it is difficult not to fall into the same topics or the same old images, it seems that in this discipline everything is already invented, our frustration comes to the surface when we arrive home with a memory card full of images that do not meet the expectations we had in mind. Is there really no way to stand out in wedding photographs? Standing out from the rest is not easy but neither is it impossible, today I develop 6 tips to get creative wedding photos you will thank them for life!

6 tips to get creative wedding photos

Last week I talked about the essential work team to get wedding photographs of a professional , if you have your team ready you just need the technical touch. As I said it is difficult not to fall into routine, but it is not impossible either, you just have to throw a little imagination and desire, the photographs will emerge by themselves.

Get away from everything you’ve believed so far, use goals you would never use for this discipline, use perspectives that you think would not be convenient, try out compositions from a landscape photograph , it will really be worth it. But to make it even clearer, I’m going to divide the tips to get creative wedding photos in six.

1. Go to workshops

It does not matter that you are already an expert photographer, in this world you never stop learning new things, or will you tell me that the same techniques were used 10 years ago? The truth is that being up to date in accessories and techniques can help you stand out from the rest of the photographers in your area. If you offer novelty and creativity in your photographs, you will become a highly valued photographer , so do not be afraid to attend courses or workshops, as they always give you a new way of working that you had not thought of before.

Keep your mind open and accept that there are different ways and formulas to achieve really amazing results , if you are willing to learn and put into practice the new concepts learned it will be easier to get creative wedding photos that break with everything that is has seen so far.

how to get creative wedding photos

Another advantage of attending photographic workshops and courses is that they not only update you on new techniques or novel accessories that help you take advantage of your camera, but also can help you discover new editing programs and tools

2. Do not try on-site accessories

Surely this year you have added to your work team a new objective, flash or light modifier because they will be perfect to improve your skill and technique, and of course, because they will help you achieve better results , but many fall into the error of using these accessories just the day the photography session is taking place. Although the use of a diffuser, for example, should not be complex in principle, there may be unknowns and problems that you can not afford to fix while the session is taking place.


Adding new accessories for the photography sessions that are presented to you is a great idea, but it will be essential that you try all the accessories in previous photography sessions , especially those that have to do with lighting that are usually the most complex to adapt.

3. Use new compositions and perspectives
As I said, adding new accessories to your team to take photos of creative weddings is an excellent option, but you can also take advantage of the equipment you already have giving new uses .

For example, you can set the LCD screen to monochrome, so although your photographs are taken in color in RAW format you can easily observe the shadows and lights. The colors tend to divert attention from the lighting, which in a photography session of this position should be paramount. If you work with your team while you are watching the scene in black and white you can decide what will be the lights and leftovers from your photos . Make sure your photos are taking color (you can always put them in black and white when you go through postproduction).

Do not be afraid to bend over, get to where you need to, in short, change your perspective . There are many professional photographers who carry a stool in this type of sessions that allows them to reach angles that they would not have thought of at first, so it is easier to get creative wedding photos.

If there is a specific style that you like, such as light painting photography or double exposure, why not put it into practice in this type of photo shoot? The photographs with lightpaintings are very striking and impressive and can be part of the composition being a great way to stand out, creating creative wedding photos. If you want to know how to make photographs with lightpaintings you can not miss this article , you will get it in 6 steps!

Creative wedding photos with lightpainting

And if you want to make lightpaintings to another level, in Pixelstick you have the definitive tool that will help you create creative wedding photos, you will leave them all with their mouths open!

Double-exposure photography draws much attention from the viewer and even between photographers, and although it seems a very complex technique is not. It’s a great way to get creative portrait photographs that go out of the ordinary, in short to break with everything that has been seen so far that is the idea when we take photos of creative weddings. If you want to know how to make double exposure photographs, you can not miss these 8 tricks .

Use all the resources you have nearby and do not be afraid to ask for them. Imagine that you are doing a wedding photography session and an ice cream truck appears that would be great as part of the composition, ask for it! You’d be surprised how kind people can be if you ask for things please.

4. Try to be the second photographer
Being the main photographer in a photo session can be really exhausting due to the pressure that falls on your work, so much so that sometimes our creativity can be seen as an alibi, have you thought about being the second photographer? This does not mean that your prestige is undervalued, but it offers you greater freedom and above all tranquility, to look for new shots or disciplines in which you could not have worked as much as you would have liked due to the pressure that fell on you. As if this were not enough, it is an excellent way to learn different ways of working of other professionals , a new way of seeing things, you can learn new techniques that you can use in your own business!

5. Look for other sources of inspiration
Find other sources of inspiration, admire not only works of wedding photographers, it is also convenient to soak up other disciplines that at first you think have no relationship and looking for the way you could combine with your session to get creative wedding photos . I go even further, you can look for inspiration in another form of art, in fashion magazines, sculptures, paintings … Take advantage of all the resources we have thanks to the almighty Google.

You can also travel to the past and remember the works of important photographers throughout history. They can help you see things from a different perspective, realize how much photographers’ work has changed over time.

6. Change of photographic discipline
Working in the same discipline burns, burns so much that you end up without inspiration because it gives you the feeling that you have already tried everything. Ideally, this point is that you work with other disciplines, that you carry out other projects that allow you to get out of that routine that does not allow you to advance in your photo sessions.

A project that is great for these cases, is the 365 project, the idea is to start on the first day of the year and from there, every day you must force yourself to think of a unique and creative idea, but that does not mean you can start it any day of the year. It will be a great way to get out of the routine, you will find new ideas that you can put into practice in your creative wedding photos. If you want to implement this project, you can not miss the tips of this article .

If you still can not free yourself from this creative block, you can not miss this article full of ideas and super useful tips that you will appreciate so much to take photos of creative weddings as for any modality that is provided.

I hope these ideas help you get the creative wedding photo shoot you had in mind. If at first you do not get the results you expected, do not despair! Based on trial and error, the best professionals are trained. Do not forget to share your creative wedding photographs with us, either here or through our social networks