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Accessories for the bride’s hair

Accessories for the bride's hair

For the day of the wedding, the brides take pains to get the perfect dress, the most glamorous shoes, the most precious jewels … but what about the hair? For years the most common option was to pick it up in a classic bow with a fork that adorns and holds the veil. But things have changed, and a lot, now there are a thousand and one options of hairstyles for brides, from more classic to more risky depending on the style of the wedding and the tastes of the protagonist. Here are some options to decorate the hair on the big day:


Did you know that this tradition was initiated by the Arabs? Spain has had its influence for centuries and that is why, in ancient times, when women married, their hair was adorned with leaves and orange blossom, this symbolized purity, chastity and happiness. About five years ago, the fever began with the wreaths at weddings, bigger, smaller, showy, romantic, hippy, boho-chic … etc. Endless possibilities. And although this trend seems to be maintained for decades, this season is more the discreet natural adornments, distributed by the hair, like little flowers caught in braids. You can choose silk flowers, preserved, natural, tulle … always in line with the dress and the bouquet. The results are precious.

Pins or appliqués

These precious accessories of rhinestones bring the touch of grace to the hair without recharging. They are a perfect choice for vintage weddings and the most appropriate solution to hold the veil, although you do not need to wear it to look a nice pin. Decorated with flowers, with precious stones, swarovski, or the trend that has returned this 2018: the pearls to decorate manes and collected.

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Tiaras and headbands

As we said above, the wreaths are not worn as much, but the fine tiaras and tiaras to beautify hairstyles and collected. They remain beautiful in very short haircuts like the pixie or the bob, leaving it loose. In natural motifs with flowers and leaves, made in copper tones or complement-jewel type, they are very versatile and easily combinable. Choose the one that best suits your style and the theme of the wedding.


A must of this season are the ties, they have jumped from the catwalks to streetstyle and from there to the nuptial world. They are used to decorate pigtails, braids or hold semi-collected, favoring the feminine and coquettish side of the bride who wears it. A simple a priori complement but with which an effect is achieved that does not happen at all unnoticed. There are various materials and different colors but white silk is very romantic and fine.

The very elaborate and striking headdresses, the hats and hats have been thrown aside both in brides and in guests. The freshness, simplicity and delicacy will send these next seasons.