Aspects that you must take care of to keep your guests happy

Mass or very long ceremony: the ceremony should not exceed one hour, otherwise people start to get impatient, stop paying attention and instead of being the most important moment people are just waiting for it to end. To avoid this, you can go to a Mass of the Priests that you have in mind so that you choose one with which you are comfortable with the way in which the ceremony takes place; in the same way you can agree certain points with him, for example in some cases in wedding mass the second reading is omitted to be able to give more time to the part of the consecration of the marriage.

Very long times: as a guest it is very tiring when the time is very long, especially between mass and reception. Avoid that the time of the cocktail does not exceed 40 minutes and that once people pass to the tables do not spend another 40 minutes that is the entrance of the couple, because 40 in 40 the wedding begins to become eternal and the spirits come down

Careless details: when you go to a wedding, especially if it is a destination wedding where you invested more resources to attend is in bad taste to see details that were neglected, since the map is made to the ride and do not know how to get, that the couple have not worried about hiring a valet to leave the cars, a taxi service, that the place is not clean or well cared for, etc.

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Expensive hotels: only convention hotels that are very expensive are offered. People already spend a lot on the trip and the gift, so many times they do not want to pay for an expensive hotel, especially when they are only going to spend a couple of hours in it. It seeks to offer hotels of all price ranges in the agreement so that people have a choice.

Bad catering service: the food service is something that you must choose very carefully, you must pay special attention to the quality and taste of the food, that the service has the capacity to serve it warm at the same time to all the guests and That it does not take half an hour between the saucer and the saucer. It is very annoying when the catering company is not organized properly takes out the cold food or takes a long time between saucer and dish.

Bad organization: besides being annoying leaves a very bad image of the event and of the couple. People will think that if they took the trouble to organize their wedding well, surely they are desidious and disorganized people in their lives. The organization is seen all the time, from the times, the decoration, cleaning, the organization of the suppliers, the music, the tables, etc.

Interruptions during the music: something very annoying is that once the party starts interruptions are made, either since someone stops the music to make a speech of improvised or that the DJ’s begin to talk too much and to organize dances and activities with the microphone as if it were a fair.

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Cold or heat: a lot of cold or heat can kill a wedding. If it is very cold and not envisioned putting tents or heaters, people lose their spirits and to stop being suffering from the cold they are going to go very fast, otherwise if it is very hot and did not put fans, tent and / or fans, then also the mood of the low people, they get bad and stop enjoying the wedding.

Bad waiters: it is very annoying a bad service of waiters, where it is difficult to get a waiter to bring you your drink, or it seems that you have to be chasing them and even worse to ask the guests for tips. The tip is already included in the catering rate so insist that please avoid having your waiters ask for a tip at the end of the wedding, as it is in very bad taste.

Bad bathrooms: the bad bathrooms go from far away, if it rains there is not a tent to get to them and you have to get wet, that the bathrooms are dirty, that there is not a kit well armed and with enough content to last the whole wedding, the paper runs out, etc.

Bad memories: you should look for memories that may be useful in the future and that do not get to your house to throw them, that includes not mentioning their big names or their photo, nobody wants an object with someone else’s photo in their house .

Hire a photographer to charge for the photos: this type of photographers are annoying and in bad taste anywhere, so hiring a photographer to force your guests to take pictures and then want to sell them is in bad taste.

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Sand on your plate: at weddings on the beach it is very annoying when you are eating and all the sand goes flying directly to your plate and your food, so putting some carp and walls at least during the banquet is very necessary.

Bad music: make sure the group or DJ knows how to mix the music and does not kill the party, it is very annoying when a DJ changes genre once and again, it seems he does not know what to put and confuses people who end up better go to sit