Wedding Invitations

Choosing wedding invitations

Choosing wedding invitations

In this blog we have proposed to inspire future brides to organize their weddings, and not only that, we also want to help recommending products and services that have the best value for money . Because celebrating a wedding is not cheap but it does not have to cost a kidney either. Of course, we want the content to be interesting, curious, varied and as useful as possible. So if you are planning a wedding, do not miss the detail that today we are talking about one of the first steps: the invitations .

If you are thinking: Are invitations still being sent? We say: Of course! The invitations are more than a date, time and place. They are like the aperitif of the ceremony, they give clues about the decoration, they even serve to mark the dresscode . The ideal invitation should reflect the character of the wedding and make the guest feel special . That is why it is so important to choose the design, color, type of paper, typography … etc.

If you still do not know the theme of your wedding , this is the best time to decide it. Normally brides have an idea in their heads according to their own style: classic, romantic, hippie , boho , country, retro or also more concrete and original themes such as a seafaring wedding, superheroes, movies … etc. Once the line of style that your celebration will follow is clear, you can imagine the decoration, the colors and the thematic winks that you want to give it. The invitations are perfect to start marking that line. And, by the way, the menus should also respect consistency.

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If it’s a boho or country wedding, you’ll get toasted colors like coffee, ocher, hazel or copper. Recycled paper can be a good option. Even add different textures.

In classic or traditional weddings , the invitations are usually discrete and formal in white, beige, navy blue or with golden details. The typography should be consistent and convey that elegant touch.

If it’s going to be a romantic wedding, you can choose pastel colors such as peach-pink, grass-green and floral decoration.

And, as we said, for original weddings with unusual themes, there are also many options and very varied.

Remember to always order the invitations well in advance, ask for a print test before they print the entire run and count at least a dozen more. You never know if there are going to be last minute guests or unforeseen events.