Classic cars for weddings

Classic cars for weddings

Classic cars for weddings

At weddings there are key moments, like the one in which the bride and groom go out already married and they throw away the rice, petals or confetti; or when they are ready to cut the cake; or that first dance on the track …; but there is another or rather two: The arrival of the bride to the Church or to the court, or the trip of the couple, already as husband and wife, to the invitation to meet with their guests.

The bride and groom in the car

These journeys are usually made in special vehicles that must be up to the circumstances. The truth is that one of the most common options (to be the cheapest) is to use the car of the father of the bride or someone close, decorated for the occasion and that is comfortable. There are also those who rent a limousine or a saloon car in dark color. You can also count on the services of a uniformed driver and hire other extras such as decorations, drinks inside or photo shoot.

Cars for weddings

But the car is not the only means that the couple choose to make their arrival triumphant, there are also vans, motorcycles (from Vespas to Harleys), bicycles, carriages, on horseback or even by helicopter! It is true that it is impressive but it may not be the most practical in some cases.

Vehicles for wedding

Even so, if we had to choose an option, without a doubt, we would opt for classic cars. Precious pieces of collector of those that only lucky ones own. When you say classic or retro cars can cover many possibilities, can be large American cars of the 40-50, very elegant cars of the 20’s, or those European models so cuquis of the 60s.

Cars decorated for wedding

The good thing about classic cars is that they never go out of style or will, and also fit well in almost all wedding themes. It does not have to be a vintage style celebration because at a boho wedding it hits a Seat Seventy or a Renault 4.4; a WV Beetle in a more modernilla; an elegant Rolls Royce model for a romantic wedding or a Jaguar in a classic; and, of course, a Cadillac at a rock wedding, right?

Classic cars

If the weather and the hairstyle of the bride allow it, a convertible can be that differential point with which many couples dream. And yes, there are classics without a hood or with the possibility of getting up and taking off (just in case) that are a pass.

Convertible for wedding

What do you think of these options? Have you already thought how you will make your great arrival as husband and wife?