Colombia is a great honeymoon destination

If you want a honeymoon different from those typical of Europe and Asia, Colombia in a country that has everything: beautiful beaches, great cities, open people and many natural riches to discover.

First that nothing, whenever you go to a new country you should never stop visiting the capital even if it is with a short visit.

So you can start with Bogtá, a vibrant and contrasting city. Here the most important places you should visit are: Gold Museum, Botero Museum, Monserrate Hill, Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral, Quinta de Bolivar, Santa Clara Museum, among many other attractions.

If what you like is to know cities, you can not forget Medellín: considered one of the most innovative cities, it has won several international recognitions due to its urban transformation, among the most important things you can know are: Cerro Nutibara, Museum of Antioquia, the Plaza de Botero, El Pueblito Paisa, El Castillo Museum, Botanical Garden, among others.

Now if yours are beach destinations, Cartagena is a must. Cartagena is a beautiful colonial city, it has 13 kilometers of wall, the Castle of San Felipe Barajas, the Palace of the Inquisition and several museums and churches that you can visit. The old town is considered a World Heritage Site and is ideal for walking through its romantic streets. Its beaches being part of the Caribbean Sea enjoy the great qualities of this region. There are also the Rosario and San Bernardo Islands, which are other attractions that you can visit by boat.

Santa Marta is another destination of beautiful beaches with great hotel infrastructure and several water activities. The Tayrona National Park is half an hour away, where you can also find other more ecological lodging options, as well as boutique hotels.

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Providencia Island, is a remote Caribbean island with spectacular scenery and beautiful pristine beaches. Being a remote location, there are no big hotels, just small boutique hotels and cabins. In 2000 UNESCO proclaimed it as a World Biosphere Reserve “SeaFlower” due to its immense natural wealth, in addition to having the third longest barrier reef in the world. This island is an ideal place to enjoy the tranquility, practice snorkeling, get into the serla, dive and have a great trip as a couple.

Also, you can not miss a visit to a fine coffee machine, being Colombia’s coffee so famous and if you have more time, check out these other destinations that Colombia has to offer: Tatacoa desert, Múcura Island, Cangrejo Cay, etc.

So you know, if you are looking for something different, Colombia has everything to enjoy an ideal Honeymoon.