Eye Makeup Ideas

Eye Makeup Ideas

The eyes should be the luminous and most striking point of your face, so the day of your wedding you must take care that they are perfect.

To potentiate your look some of the important points are:

Illuminator: they help to give light, if it is placed on the lacrimal area it has an effect of enlarging the look.

Eyeliner: helps to enlarge the eye, intensifies the look

Eyebrows: it is important to delineate the frame well to give prominence to the eye

Shadows: should be properly diffused, use two shades, one clear near the lacrimal and another dark towards the end of the eye, gives an almond tone to the eye

Curler: open your eyes, it is very important before using the mask so that the eyelashes are not falling

Mask: potentiates the look, should be applied cleanly leaving the eyelashes well separated, without lumps that look thick but defined

Here we leave some videos for eye makeup that you can use as an idea to look great the great day:

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