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Godmother Dresses 2018: Trends

Discover the elegant trends in dresses of godmother 2018 and dazzle as the perfect guest of a wedding.

Godmother Dresses 2018: Trends

The godmother dresses 2018 make the color and print the real protagonists to get the perfect look. Being a bridesmaid is a responsibility and carries some protocol rules when choosing the right and most flattering dress. Dresses of godmother for all styles, perfect to live up to such a special day.

The godmother, after the bride, is one of the guests who will receive the most attention during the wedding, both for the role she plays and for her location in the ceremony, so it is also important to take into account the successes and errors in a wedding if you are a godmother . Bridal fashion collections combine elegance, sophistication and femininity to dress bridesmaids and wedding guests. Discover trends in godmother dresses 2018.

Dresses for wedding godmother

The dresses of classic cut, of a single piece with round neckline and long sleeve or three quarters, continue marking tendency by their elegance, being the most flattering for the godmothers, but with the particularitity to be able to bet by the color and by the prints. Colors such as red, blue, green, coral, light blue or pastel colors are some of the colors that permeate the fabrics of dresses. When choosing the godmother dress you have to take into account the style of the wedding and the time of day.

Long dresses for godmothers

The long dresses are perfect for evening weddings, such as the elegant dresses of Rosa Clará’s godmother, versatile and refined, in intense colors such as red or blue or with rhinestones embroidery; Pronovias or Carolina Herrera, among other leading brands in bridal fashion.

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Printed godmother dresses

The printed dresses for weddings sweep among the guests. A more casual and modern style that also marks a trend among the godmothers. Pronovias or Matilde Cano are two of the firms that bet on color prints to achieve a fresher look. Perfect for weddings in spring and summer.

Floral prints, striped prints and, of course, polka-dot dresses for weddings that return with strength.

Bare shoulder dresses

The bare shoulder is a detail that brings sensuality to the long dresses and midi dresses for godmothers, one of the trends of this season.

Short dresses for godmothers

Beautiful Godmother Dress For Wedding Nice Design #1 Mother Dresses For Weddings Short Sleeve Godmother Dress

The short dresses, at knee height, are a perfect choice for day weddings, highlighting elegant designs such as Rosa Clará’s short and long sleeve lace dress, in silver and nude, or the impeccable ones dresses from the Hannibal Laguna atelier party collection, in colors such as violet, red, blue, green …

Wedding godmother complements

The complements of the wedding godmother look must be in accordance with the style of the dress. For weddings by day, wedding hats and headdresses set trends among the guests. If the wedding is late night, better opt for a simple headdress or a short-brimmed hat.

One of the complements that marks style is the gloves to combine with the dresses of French sleeve.

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