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How to bring wedding rings to the altar

How to bring wedding rings to the altar

So important is how the wedding alliances will be like how the wedding will be delivered during the ceremony. If you are organizing your link, you will know that every detail counts. Therefore, we invite you to discover how to bring wedding rings to the altar.

The rings are the symbol of union and commitment and, therefore, should be one of the protagonists of your wedding. Do not let them go unnoticed and give them the role they deserve. Romantic, original, unique or surprising, whatever the idea of ​​bringing your wedding rings to the altar, discover the best ones below.

Ideas to bring wedding rings to the altar
Every marriage begins with an alliance and a yes I want! If you are involved in the adventure of organizing your wedding, you must take into account all the details. The suit of the groom, the dress of the bride, the restaurant, the menu, the invitations, the guests, the music, the memories … Everything is important! However, what about wedding rings?

The time to put on wedding bands is one of the most important of the ceremony since they are the representation of a union, commitment, respect, and fidelity. For all this, we were hoping you could give more prominence to how to bring the wedding rings to the altar and make another moment unforgettable for both you and the guests.

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How to bring wedding rings to the altar – Ideas to bring wedding rings to the altar

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Accessories to wear the rings of a rural wedding
More and more couples are betting on a rural environment to celebrate their marriage bond. If this is your case, we encourage you to capture nature also at the moment of bringing the rings to the altar. For this, we propose various original ideas.

Boxes or chests to wear wedding rings
Bet to take your rings inside a box adorned inside with grass or grass. This simple idea is straightforward to prepare and will give a unique touch to this moment. This bucolic image is perfect if you are going to get married outdoors and surrounded by nature.

Carrying wedding rings on a wooden trunk
On the other hand, making use of wood to bring your rings to the altar is a safe bet. Whether you marry in a winter landscape or do it in the middle of summer, transport your alliances inside a small wooden trunk. Original and beautiful.

Bring wedding rings in a nest
Moreover, if yours is a wedding in the middle of nature, we encourage you to prepare a special surprise for the moment of giving the alliances: prepare a nest. The nest, in addition to signifying union, is also the symbol of the creation of home and love. If you are thinking of holding a rustic ceremony, transporting the rings inside a nest will be a resounding success.

Rustic and vintage accessories will declare your love and harmonize your link within an environment surrounded by nature.

How to make a cushion to wear wedding bands
If you do not want to give up the tradition, we encourage you to reinvent it. The embroidered pillows are one of the most used elements to bring the rings to the altar, but you can always give a chic touch and make this traditional element a reminder of the most critical moment of the link.

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To do this, we suggest you customize your cushion porta-alianzas, to give it an innovative and different touch. You can put:

  • Your names
  • The date of your link
  • A phrase that characterizes you
  • The lyrics of that song that identifies you.
  • Choose what you choose, make your cushion portal-alliances a unique and personal object.

Another idea is to bet on embroidery or frame made of wood and embroidered cloth, ideal for alliances to be fastened. This element is elegant and sophisticated, perfect for both civil and religious weddings. Moreover, most importantly: you can also customize it!

Who wears the rings in a civil or religious wedding
Have you thought about who will bring the rings to the altar? If you want to give an innovative and different touch to this moment, look for something that represents you as a couple, that identifies your passions. For example, a toy car or a motorcycle, an airplane or a balloon … Any element can be very cute framed in this context, and you have to look for the creativity and originality that is in you to surprise your guests.

Children wearing wedding rings
Moreover, had you thought about children wearing wedding rings? It is also another very original and tender idea, especially if you have children or young relatives.

Alliances in the bridal bouquet
Another excellent idea is that the bride is the one who carries the wedding rings hanging from her scent. It is a simple idea that can be endowed with originality, detail, and romanticism.

Look for that element that differentiates you and that identifies you, personalizes it and makes the delivery of your alliances, a unique and romantic moment that you remember all your life.

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How to bring wedding rings to the altar – Who wears the rings in a civil or religious wedding
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