Wedding Dress

How to choose your Wedding Dress?

To choose your wedding dress, the first thing is to take your body into account.

It is very important that you do not close in a certain type of dress but go with your body shape. Not because you see it in a magazine and the model looks amazing does it mean that you’re going to look good too.

You want that when you make your entrance people say! Wow it looks spectacular! and not U And that dress makes her look very bad, fatter, more short or skinny that looks sick …

So as much as you like a dress but goes with your body simply is NOT the ideal dress, let go and look for one that is not what you had in mind YES make you look spectacular.

After that, you have to take into account factors such as the place, if it is a wedding in the garden, beach, lounge, etc; the time of day and the season. Based on this, you have to think about the design and the fabric to match. For example, you should not choose heavy and glossy fabrics if your wedding is on the beach, that type of fabrics are for night weddings in a room; Do not look for a very tight dress, even if your wedding is day, etc …

So before searching in thousands of magazines your ideal dress you have to be clear about what goes with your body and your wedding, so that you focus your time and your search on what really will serve you and it will look good on you.

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Therefore, check this guide … first define what your body type is …

And based on that, look for the dress that would best fit you:

And do not doubt that if you take into account these steps, you will surely choose a dress that will make you look great on the big day.