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How to Dress for a Wedding: Basic Rules

Do you know the basic rules on how to dress for a wedding? Take note because we cover them in great detail.

A dress that solves the one I wear to go to a wedding. Perfect to assist a civilian or a reception at night.

Today we will talk about how to dress for a wedding, the basic rules that every woman must follow to achieve fit and feel good during the event. Sometimes a bad choice of dress can ruin the party and make us feel like an outcast.

When we receive an invitation for a wedding our first concern is: What do I wear? Yes it is; Although it sounds egocentric, weddings are social events in which we want to be up to the task and demonstrate our good taste and what better way to do it than to dress with class. Today’s post is dedicated to: How to dress for a wedding, basic rules.

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How to Dress for a Wedding: Basic Rules that Every Woman Should Follow
If you do not want to be wrong and out of tune at the wedding, it is important that you follow some rules. But first there are some aspects that you must study to determine what is the correct dress.

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing Dress for a Wedding
As a guest, it is important that you take into account some aspects of the wedding before choosing the dress. Remember to wear the correct dress for the place, the time and the time of year.

The Invitation or What I Should Put
You must respect any suggestion made in the invitation. It does not matter if it indicates formal, casual, or rigorous etiquette, you have to follow those guidelines on how to dress for a wedding.

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If the invitation does not specify how to dress, study it carefully. The invitation is a base, from it you can conclude what kind of party it will be, how you should go dressed, where it will take place and more. Only the very image of the invitation can give you a clue about what the event will be like.

Accept the suggestion that you make the invitation on how to dress for a wedding. If no question is indicated or let the invitation give you an idea. Photo: Love and Light Photographs.
Accept the suggestion that you make the invitation on how to dress for a wedding. If no question is indicated or let the invitation give you an idea. Photo: Love and Light Photographs.

How to go well dressed to a religious wedding. Dress for chic and stylish guests.

Where the Event Will Be
You must adapt your wardrobe to the place of the event, you can not go with a pronounced neckline to a religious wedding.

Imagine that the event is a farm, where the reception will take place on a dirt road. I definitely recommend not to go with needle heels and a sequined dress. For a beach wedding, choose a simple midi dress – so you do not go picking up sand. For a wedding brunch in a restaurant, a skirt and coat suit or a pair of pants with a nice top and you’ll look divine in addition to comfortable.

The Hour and Season of the Year Indicate how to Dress for a Wedding
As in the previous point, your clothes should be adapted to the time and place, but you should not leave out the season of the year. Remember that there are times when there will be rain, cold or very hot and depending on the time you should try to adapt the dress to the weather conditions. For example, a morning wedding in spring is perfect for a short flowered dress. Combine them with a good heel and a beautiful hairstyle For a wedding in winter in the evening, you can combine a fine pair of pants with a lightweight sweater with a touch of brightness. Remember that winter weddings are usually in a room, do not wear something so warm that you will die of heat later.

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An adorable and comfortable look for a day wedding. The shoes and that bag are amazing.

It may seem a little complicated, but it is not if you follow some basic rules for how to dress for a wedding. These rules are practically commandments that if you break you can fall into bad taste and even upset the bride on her big day, let’s talk about it.

Rules Every Woman Should Follow When Dressing for a Wedding
They are rules that apply to almost all types of weddings, they are simple and basic. If you follow them there will be no problem with your choice of dress.

No matter what: never, under any circumstances, views of white or any similar color, such as: champagne, beige, ivory, nude or any other light color. It is seen as a lack of consideration with the bride. However, if the invitation states that you must go white, then the rule is canceled.
It is important to remember that it is the special day of the couple, making any attempt to attract attention or divert the bride can be bad and not only can you disturb the couple, but feel yourself out of place.
Important: do not show more than necessary. There are women who use weddings as if they were a catwalk, when the dress code indicates that it is essential to avoid deep necklines on the back and breasts or mini dresses. You can be smart in a demure dress. Do not forget the less skin and more elegance the better.
The same applies to dresses that look like second skin, those tight dresses that make you look like a sexy mermaid. Save them for another time.
When the invitation says party type cocktail does not mean mini dresses. The ideal length for a dress is at most three or four fingers above the knee.
Each type of wedding has very particular rules, as well as receptions and civil weddings. It is not about being super demure, but being respectful with the bride and understanding that it is her day to shine and that of the guests to be elegant and show good taste.

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