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How to Dress for a Wedding in the Evening – Night

Weddings are one of those particular activities to which we all want to go well dressed, which is why what dress to wear for a wedding is one of the most common queries I get; is how to cover for a wedding in the afternoon – night the question that is repeated most.

When starting to turn around the idea of ​​how to dress for a wedding, you should begin to from considering the time at which it will take place. From this point of view, the options will generally be divided into three primary scenarios:

1) the wedding is in the morning,
2) the marriage is in the evening – night, or
3) that is specifically indicated in the invitation that You must wear a long dress.

How to dress for a wedding in the evening – night
The first great rule to follow when choosing an outfit for a wedding has to do with not stealing the limelight, and is basic: white is reserved for the bride.

There is also the fact that a few years ago the word wedding was synonymous with dress, today that is left behind, and there is the option of choosing an outfit with dress, skirt or pants ; as long as it does not look like an outfit that would be used on a day-to-day basis, for work or other than a special occasion.

From this point of view what is going to determine that an outfit is suitable to wear to a wedding in the evening – night is the fabric and details of this. The gear in question must, therefore, be made of a more elegant fabric than the one that would wear a costume for everyday wear, silks, etc., and may include details such as rhinestones and embroidery, although they are not required.

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Dresses for a wedding in the evening – night
Given that usually weddings in the afternoon are generally in the last hours and extend to the night, almost always the dress that works for these will be a cocktail dress, which is characterized by having an extended knee or a little up or down this, in addition to being a bit more formal in regard to its fabric and details-than the dress that would be used for an activity in the morning.

In the same way, if the wedding takes place exclusively at night, a cocktail dress will be adequate; except that it is specified that a long dress must be worn, which is the maximum-label women’s clothing.

Here are some examples of cocktail dresses that would be appropriate for a wedding in the evening – night, where the choice of one or the other will depend only on the taste and what favours each one more.

Another thing that I recommend you leave aside is the belief that bold prints and colours are to be worn in the day and dark shades for the night because that does not apply anymore.

Now a ” dress tag” can carry all kinds of colours and prints, as well as one for the day, can take a little “shine.”

In the same way, a maxivestido not so gala can be used correctly in a wedding in the afternoon when some time ago they were very reserved for the night … Because in reality as you can see in the long dresses that I put, for example, supercharged designs Style “miss of beauty” is a bit out of trend.

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Well and actually as a final recommendation to choose dresses for wedding in the afternoon and/or evening, I tell them that even if it is a wedding at night they move away a bit from the colour black -which is the great favourite of the majority – and opt for more “festive” tones – here you can choose between all kinds of “bright”, “pastel” and neon – colours, as well as all kinds of prints. In case you feel more comfortable going black, a good alternative is to opt for some design that contains another colour besides black, or add colour in shoes, bag and accessories.