Holi party

How to organize a Holi party

How to organize a Holi party

Parties, meetings, and events are always present in our routine, and it is widespread that when we are present, be attentive to the organization and everything related to food, drinks, guests, and others.

In recent years, Holi parties have become very fashionable, where colored powders are the protagonists and are taken as inspiration for the Fiesta de Colores, held in India at the beginning of spring. Many have made it to more than just a meeting, and it has become the focal point of gigantic festivals and events.

Although it seems something complicated to carry out or that can generate an absolute lack of control, today in a COMO, we will give you a few tips so you can learn how to organize a Holi party.

Before organizing a Holi party
As we told you, these parties were taken from India, where the Fiesta de Colores is celebrated to start the spring season; It was also considered for celebrations between family and friends. Nowadays it is used for almost any event, and it is a very sought after theme for festivals or concerts.

Before carrying out the entire organization of a Holi party, it is necessary that you take into account certain aspects that will be decisive for the success of your party. Depending on the theme, be it a meeting of friends or a music festival, it is necessary to take into account the guests, prepare in advance the rules of the event, the music and what cannot be missing, the colored powders.

Space, the clothes and the additional ones so that the party is even more colorful are essential in each Holi party and the following sections; we will detail it better.

How to organize a Holi party – Before organizing a Holi party

The guests and the space for a Holi party
Having control of how many guests will be part of your Holi party is very important so that nothing is missing. As a general rule, at least one bag of colored powder should be given to each guest. However, they can be of one color each and some of the mixed colors. The food is indispensable in this celebration, so be attentive to the appetizers and that the drink never fails.

Space is the most fundamental to carry out a Holi Party properly. It must be a place outdoors or very large, such as a park or a beach, where guests can release the dust safely in the air, and this is responsible for the beautiful visual effects. Also, in most of these parties, the guests run to continue the fun. Therefore space will be necessary to enjoy it to the fullest.

It is essential that at the time of making the invitation, determine the dress. We recommend that it be a little worn and, preferably, that it be white clothes so that all the colors stand out; as well as do not forget to bring clean clothes, sunglasses to protect your eyes, towels to clean your face and protection for cameras or mobile phones.

Music and powder for a Holi party
Music is essential in any event, and this is no exception. It is best to hire a professional who also has lights or smoke machine, as it will give a great touch when the whole festival of colors has started. You can agree with the Dj so that he starts a countdown and that the “war” begins with the colored powders; organizing it in this way will allow better control of the guests and of course, generate a greater expectation among them.

About the protagonists of the event, the colored powder or Holi powder, it is essential to take a few precautions to avoid any unforeseen event that could ruin the party. These powders are obtained in places where they sell party items, and you must ensure that they are not toxic or flammable; remember that this will be in contact with our skin and we must prevent any reaction or suffocation. It is also necessary to ensure that they are not flammable to avoid accidents.

Opt for vibrant colors like yellow, pink, blue, green, etc. This will help make the party much more exciting visually. If you do not get powders in stores, you can make Holi powder at home and very quickly. You’ll need:

  • Ingredients
  • Cornstarch or corn starch
  • Vegetable coloring
  • Water
  • Elaboration

In a bowl pour the amount of cornstarch you need.
Dilute several drops of the dye in the water and pour little by little over the cornstarch until a kind of ” slime ” is formed. You can check this point by sticking firmly to the mixture and noting that it does not allow entry of an object.
Let the preparation dry for 1 or 2 days or until it has solidified as a compact powder.
With the help of a spoon, go separating the pieces of powders and introduce them in the blender so that they are super dissolved.
Fill bags with 100-200 gr. of the dust and give them to your guests.
How to organize a Holi party – Music and powder for a Holi party
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