Important Points to Consider Before Hiring the Place of your Wedding

Important Points to Consider Before Hiring the Place of your Wedding

There are many things that nobody tells you to take into account before hiring the place where your wedding reception will be, or that the same people who give reports do not tell you unless you ask and this may cause high extra costs in the end that you did not consider and that ends up affecting your budget.

Therefore, here we tell you some fundamental points that you should consider when evaluating the possible places for that great day:

Lighting: many times the places have basic lighting and it is until they have contracted the place they are told that to illuminate the whole place it is necessary to hire architectural lights or the entrance, the roads, some structure or wall, etc. would be very dark. . The rent of only 4 of these lights can be around $ 25,000 pesos.

Weather: the weather can be a problem, whether it is very hot, cold or raining. If it’s a cold place, you do not want the party to end early because your guests are uncomfortable freezing; therefore you will have to rent several heaters and the rent of each one is approx. $ 2500 if you put about 8 is $ 20,000 extra. Another problem is the rain, if it is an open place and there is a chance that it will rain and you will have to make sure to put a strong tent with walls, as well as hire tent ways from the kitchen to the banquet, from the banquet to the bathrooms, to the cars , etc. There are many types of carp and they vary in price according to color, quality, height at which they are placed, etc. Each place is different and it may be necessary to make adjustments that you do not have in case of rain, so find out that topic well. By last,fans so that people are not so uncomfortable or put large fans.

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Cuisine: there are many places, especially beach weddings, gardens, etc. that do not have an established kitchen, so the banquet that you hire will charge you extra for having to transport your stoves and refrigerators. In addition you will have to rent an extra tent to hide it, making your costs rise.

Light plant: many places have a basic light plant that does not have enough voltage to support all the lights needed to light the place or the equipment that brings the DJ or group; There are places that they do not even have. So always find out the capacity of the light plant and compare it with all your needs by asking your suppliers what capacity they need.

Cleaning: some places are responsible for cleaning the main areas but neglect the entry claiming that it is not part of the place, some corners etc., so there may be areas that look dirty or neglected and need to hire someone a few days before I’m going to clean

Floor: there are places where the floor is very hurt, uneven, there is a lot of dirt or sand; etc. and the best is to tie the whole place so that it does not look ugly or people will not fall.

Bathrooms: it is very important that the bathrooms are adequate, that there are several and presentable.

Parking: Depending on the location, many of your guests may arrive by car and there is not enough room to park all of them, so it will be necessary to hire a Valet Parking service for the comfort of your guests. You can also hire a taxi site that waits outside for those who prefer not to drive.

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Accommodation: If your wedding is in another city where you live, you will have to pay for a hotel or rent a house. You also do not want to stay in a very cheap hotel because you do not want the photos while they fix you to go out ugly. So the hotel of at least two nights of your closest family, siblings, dads can go out more expensive than you expected.

Extra time: always ask how much the extra hour costs and have it negotiated from the beginning because if the dj extends an hour, not only will it be him, also the banquet and the place will charge you extra hours and it is better to have it talked about.

Transportation: it is best to hire local suppliers. If not, you will always pay per diem and the farther more expensive because then you would have to include a night’s lodging. Especially the banquet is highly recommended to be from the same place where you are going to get married, since as they have to bring chairs, tables, tablecloths, kitchen, etc., they have to hire large moving trucks and pay more to their waiters, so the travel expenses that would be charged to you would be very high.

We hope that with these points you can go more prepared the next time you are visiting possible places. Remember to ask everything and not only see if it is beautiful or not. There are places with more expensive rents but they include several things, while others are cheap but do not include anything and once you make the sum of all the extras it is more expensive. In order to make a true comparison, do not forget to take all these points into consideration and thus draw the real cost of each place.