Inspired in the style of the 20s to create your wedding menu

If you remember well, the wedding trends for the coming 2016 were characterized by saying goodbye to rustic weddings that have been so fashionable in recent years, welcoming celebrations spirit much more sophisticated and elegant.

One trend that is currently going strong in the international panorama bridal and wedding planners and industry publications reference point as one of the inspirations top for next year, it is to recreate past a certain point decadent, specifically 20s and atmosphere of the film ‘The Great Gatsby’.

Not only in games as decoration or look of the couple, also the bridal cuisine is steeped in this golden age of flapper girls, jazz and gangsters. Would you like to entertain your guests with delicious snacks inspired by the opulent and extravagant parties that F. Scott Fitzgerald described in his popular novel? Sure you leave everyone with their mouths open!

It starts with a menu wedding reminiscent of the 20s, with dishes designed to eat in one bite and placed in different sources and displays as a buffet . Any ideas? If you can afford it, do not hesitate to include caviar, oysters served with champagne in Mignonette, or as a more economical alternative, tea sandwiches , deviled eggs, Kale Waldorf salad , stuffed mushrooms, salmon mousse or slices of smoked salmon.

The pastry is a very important part of the feast, so to hit and give that air glam so characteristic of those crazy years, we take as reference the delicacies that appear in the film. One of the attempts to attract Gatsby Daisy Buchanan took place over tea with twelve lemon cakes, so we offer some options like lemon cream pie, cupcakes and macaroons made ​​with this fruit so fresh and acidic.

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They should not miss many sweets and of course, the wedding cake with an unmistakable stamp sophisticated, you can easily get to the style Art Deco in black and gold with geometric details, multi-storey oval or square, glitter and sparkles in gold or silver, not to mention a flawless presentation in metal trays, glass or fine ceramics that will give that characteristic note of luxury and exclusivity to your wedding.

To spice up the evening as it deserves, must serve drinks and cocktails iconic as Gin Rickey (gin, lime juice, syrup, soda) or Mint Julep (mint, sugar, crushed ice, Bourbon, soda). And essentially the champagne , with whom you can offer rich fruit punches or better still raise majestic towers with glasses of champagne , with which irrigate the apotheosis of the final party.

We hope that these proposals do not think a lot and you will be encouraged to play and make yours the sophistication and elegance of this golden age in your wedding. Success guaranteed!

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