Original ideas for your wedding video

Can you imagine a super original wedding video? Take note of these ideas to surprise all your family and friends, and have an unforgettable memory of the most important day of your life.

Do you have everything ready? If you have already thought about the wedding dresses , I have watched numerous suits boyfriend and I have clear the songs for weddings that you want to ring the big day and gifts for wedding guests with those who think give to your loved ones, has come the time to think of some original idea for the wedding video.

The world of the image has changed a lot in recent years and is currently reinventing continuously in order to offer much more complete and varied services to the couple who want it. Best wedding halls in Coimbatore. Far away is the long wedding report that used to bore visitors and then left forgotten in a drawer for years. Nowadays, more and more couples are betting on creative videos with surprising images. Do you want to discover some of the many options at your fingertips? Do not miss this list of fun proposals. Ready?

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The Wedding Toon

In good hands
It is clear that a wedding is a day to enjoy the most with family and friends. So, beyond the most important moments of the big day – like the way of the bride towards the altar, the exchange of alliances or the cutting of the wedding cake – a good specialist must know how to make the most of the numerous scenes improvised that both boyfriends and guests will star throughout the day.

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And it is that, in the same way that you have relied on professionals to try and choose from the numerous options in hairstyles for weddings 2017 or that you have taken your time to consult the specialists and choose only one of the wide offer in bridal bouquets original , if you want to get a quality video, you have to do the same: leave everything in expert hands . For this it is important that you consult different options. And once the responsible company has been chosen, let them know what your wishes are.

A personalized script
When planning the video it is advisable that the couple write their own script . If you have thought about original wedding gifts before and have not stopped until you find the perfect texts for wedding invitations , it will be easier for you to think about that great script for your video.

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Today we Casamos by Frunfo Films

Your history
You can stay before the wedding with the videographers so they can record an interview. Tell how you met, what made you fall in love , share some sympathetic anecdote or dedicate some beautiful words of love to each other. If you do it separately, it will be exciting to discover together what you have said.

But you are not the only ones who can do it! Another great idea is that your story is told by friends and family. It’s as easy as inviting them, in front of the cameras, to describe the couple and tell funny stories of the many you have shared together. Surely you will have a familiar graciosillo or a friend with the soul of a reporter to interview your guests. Then your videographer can use bits of these mini interviews in the wedding video. It will be very emotional to see the words that your guests dedicated to you!

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Let no one escape from the video-call !
Pass the guests through a video call to leave their funny messages. There are companies that are responsible for setting up a small space so that, one by one, the guests can dedicate a message to the couple telling anecdotes, wishing the best for them or giving kisses. The company edits the images and gives the couple a DVD of the photos and video. If you want to give a festive touch, you can use some props (wigs, beards, hats, glasses …). The more bizarre it is, the better. It will be surprising to see the final result of what happens in that “video booth” booth.

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Mad Weddings

Make a video clip
We all have an artist inside … So choose a song and a theme, and explain to your guests what you want to do. You will see how good they are!

A lipdub !
What better than singing and dancing on a holiday? You only have to follow three simple steps: gather the closest people, think of a choreography, learn each one a part of the song and the choreography and that’s it. The rest will come out alone! The video can start at home, while you get ready, and finish at the dance.

From the heights
Why not complement your video with aerial images of a drone? You can get a unique perspective that will give an original and surprising touch to the images of your wedding.

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Vitott Produccions

Record the spot you like so much
One of the most novel resources is to imitate the advertisements that have been engraved in your memory throughout your life. Guests can become improvised actors. You will have the laughs more than assured, as with the photocall ideas .

First of all, naturalness
The first rule is that the couple must have fun and enjoy their day. Having this clear, the best thing is to relax in front of the camera . Once you are comfortable, everything will be easier and the images will win naturally. Naturalness is your ally , just as are the simple wedding dresses that you like so much or the loose hair hairstyles that you have been trying to find the perfect option.

And above all … Do not forget the songs for wedding videos that you want to sound in the background or the original ideas for weddings to inspire you. The important thing is to immortalize that day and get a unique memory that lasts forever. Unlike the natural bridal bouquets !