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Here’s the first of a series of posts that I’m going to be sharing with you guys! Follow along for more photography tips and tricks to create nicer and more professional photos.

One of my favourite things to document are fun days out with friends. A photo that’s just pretty is never as nice as one that hold meaning! In this kind of a group setting, remember to try not to force a moment. Instead, be prepared to catch the spontaneous ones!

1) Try to capture emotions and actions. Pictures that include faces tend to be much more engaging then those that don’t!

2) Portraits are often a great way to showcase those quieter moments together. When friends can simply enjoy each other’s company without doing anything in particular, you know you’ve found your match.

3) Make the little details matter. Sometimes all you need is an image of something you did that day to remind you of the good time you had.

4) Take a fun group portrait! Those typical group photos where everyone poses and looks at the camera? Boring! Try taking a picture of your reflections or try a cool angle.

5) This is the most important rule of all in photography. Go Break all the rules!! No rule will give you beautiful pictures a 100% of the time, so practice, practice, practice and do what works for you.

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