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Planning A Rainy Day Wedding

The best looks for weddings in spring

Planning A Rainy Day Wedding. Hitting the wedding dress for this spring can become an even more complicated task if you do not know a period how long it will be that day. That’s what we are for! In addition to finding on our website the forecast for your special day , here you can get up-to-date with what is most popular and what is best for you depending on whether it’s sunny, it’s raining, it’s cloudy, it’s very windy …

Experts from will help us adapt our look to time . With them we will discover a range of possibilities that you can find on their website, because all the items shown here are available for rent in the most convenient and simple way . In addition, they have a showroom in Madrid if you want to try some dresses from their catalog.

1. Look for a wedding with sun

If the day has finally arrived and you have a radiant sun, you are in luck. It is the perfect day to wear steamy dresses, simple cuts and the color that you most want .

As for the shoes, get on sandals in nude tones or makeup , always stylize the figure.

2. Look for a wedding with clouds

Look for a wedding with clouds
If between clouds and sun the day has dawned … calm! Opt for a short and simple dress, the special detail can focus on the sleeves , how much more cover better! In addition, you can save yourself the warm garment that so many cracks in your head creates on certain occasions and not go cold. Choose in the form of a cloak, blouse, puff, leaf-shaped, volute or directly long.

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The ideal fabric for this occasion is the point . It always adapts to your silhouette creating an overly favored figure.

Finish this cloudy look with a plate of the size you prefer, if you are more daring opt for a turban with feathers or vintage brooches .

3. Look for a windy wedding

Look for a windy wedding
The main problem for a guest with wind is the headdress . If you choose a dish, be careful … you will be uncomfortable throughout the wedding.

For this reason, choose smaller size headdresses, such as mini plates or wreaths . Provided they have a good grip , such as the one provided by the headband, so you will go as comfortable as possible.

As for the dress, it tries to do without fabrics with a lot of volume, or with layer cuts , because they will not stop moving during the whole event, achieving an unflattering effect.

The sandals are totally forbidden, next to the peep toes shoes . They will create a cold effect nothing pleasant, it is preferable a closed shoe type stiletto or lounge.

4. Look for a wedding with rain

The rain can not ruin the look we have planned for months, so if you think your day is committed to rain follow these small rules.

Choose a headdress not very large and not very summery materials (for example, straw, natural flowers, feathers, bright colors …).

Removing this, you can put any headdress because when it rains a wedding is usually inside. Our favorites for this occasion are the mini plates and crowns .

When celebrating in an interior area, it does not hurt to put on a XXL straw hat or a plate of natural straw .

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