Bridal skin tips

Prepare your skin for a special event

Prepare your skin for a special event

Prepare your skin for a special event. The time of the year is approaching when the sun begins to shine, the days lengthen, spring stretches and family events and gatherings multiply. This is how couples decide to get married, and they look for and find any reason to get together and celebrate. We talk about those occasions where happiness reigns, those weddings or parties that last until dawn and, of course, we love to go. But, yes, we want to go impeccable.

So, before the high season of outdoor events begins, we are going to give you some tips to prepare your skin in order to look as much or more than your smile.

Before the event
As we talked in previous post , it is a fundamental phase for our skin to arrive in the best possible conditions.

We must proceed to perform a deep cleaning a few weeks before the event and a softer one week before. Also, the combination of deep cleansing with a moisturizing deep , combining it with an instant treatment as Flash blisters , provide a more concentrated nutrition content of tissue needed to give your skin look more luminous .

We advise for the first cleaning phase a gentle but deep exfoliation , which allows to eliminate the impurities of the corneal carp.

During the event
We do not miss that at this time of year this type of meetings will be outdoors and that is something to take into account for the previous care of the skin .

Think of the circumstances to which our skin will be exposed:

Makeup : are occasions for which we resort too much to the combination of several products and even different layers of makeup to define our face and give it a better look. But this should not make us forget the impact this has on the health of our skin.
We must use soft cosmetics so as not to cause irritations or allergies and always try them before the celebration in order to prevent a bad choice from ruining the party.
Climatology : the cold or wind may adversely affect our skin. Protect it beforehand through proper hydration and, if possible, during the event should be a binding dogma.
From here we always encourage you to protect yourself from sun exposure . Choosing a nutritious and moisturizing product with ultraviolet protection is important to keep your skin healthier.
Food : we hope you enjoy a great and succulent menu, but do not forget that we are what we eat and that this has a direct impact on our skin. Due to the rapid absorption of certain foods, we can suffer negative effects the days after the banquet. So enjoy, but be careful.
After the event
For all these small circumstances that derive from this magnificent party that you have enjoyed, now is the time for your skin to return to normal .

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We recommend you use a mild cleanser that respects your skin type as much as possible, and try to make the first wash as soon as you get home. Why is it so important? The sustained and unusual aggression of the skin can cause mild irritation or secondary dehydration.

It’s simple: clean your face, hydrate it and … it will be ready for the next wedding!