Questions to ask yourself before giving the Yes

Before getting married, you must be sure of the step you are going to take, not just get married because the boyfriend in turn proposed it to you, because it’s been a long time, the years are going away, all your friends are getting married, etc.

Casarte must be something for life and before doing so you must feel totally safe and happy with your decision.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself are:

Am I a better person with him?

Just as friends can be bad influence, with a partner the same thing happens. You must find someone who challenges you to excel and is willing to support you. Let your way of being and habits drive you to be better every day, and not the other way around.

Can I live with its faults?

We all have flaws, but there are some minor ones and others that should not be overlooked. If you see that he is an aggressive, bipolar, neurotic, lazy, neglected person, etc. The worst thing you can do is excuse him and think that later he will change. You have to be sure that your faults and that you can live with them, but only a future of frustrations will wait for you.

Are you happy together?

Being with him makes you good, improves your day, that is, they have fun and enjoy their company, or rather when they are together they are fighting for one thing and another, and despair of each other …

Why are you together?

They are a couple because they love each other and being together, life is better, or they are together for comfort, for fear of being alone, because they have been around for a long time, because you are afraid of not finding anyone else, etc.

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Do they have the same plans?

They should have the same plans in relation to the relationship and in terms of life. If one of the two only passed the years and the other was the one who wanted to take the next step, it is better to accept that they do not go to the same side from the beginning. In the same way once married, what are the personal and professional goals of each one, are they compatible, in terms of where to live, children, work, etc?

Do you really trust your partner?

This is a fundamental question, and from there you must start everything. But you trust your partner, if you were unfaithful, if you are worried about each time you leave, about the influence of your friends, who you write with, etc. that is not life. You can not be worried all the time about what he does and with whom, each one is an adult and from his own conviction he knows what he does and what he does not. You must be able to trust fully in your partner, in that he loves you and in that he knows what he is doing.

Are they growing together?

This question is very much related to whether you are a better person with him. Because if you are a better person with him, they are also growing together, both are supported in reaching their goals and are challenged to be better. They do not stay in a comfort zone but seek to grow in life in all areas.

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Is it still me?

This question is very important, especially in relationships with very jealous, abusive, bipolar people etc. Where for fear of the other being angry, because he gets angry at everything, you stop doing the things you like, you distance yourself from your friends, you take care of everything you do, you eat up and start doing things in his way so he is not going to bother. If you are already falling into that, better analyze your relationship before taking the next step.

Could you see your family and friends forever?

Your family also happens to be your family and you will surely have to see them regularly, nothing better than to have a good relationship with them and not only that, but also you enjoy the time you spend with them. If on the contrary they already have many problems and do not want to see them at Christmas, surely married and with children the problems will be much worse. Similarly, you should be comfortable with your partner’s friends, if on the contrary you think they are a bad influence you should be careful, that they are friends for a reason.

What does your instinct say?

Pay attention to him! Do not try to go around and make excuses, if your instinct tells you certain things is because of something, they are alarms and signs that you should not ignore or worse still want not to see them.

IF you can not respond positively to the questions above, you may not be the right person for you. If so, do not be afraid to rethink your plans, it is always better to make a good decision on time.