Bridal skin tips

Removing badly can be the cause of your dark circles!

Removing badly can be the cause of your dark circles!

Did you know that your dark circles could be a cause of makeup removal? How many times have you not complained that dark circles have that gray, bluish or purple hue?

Perhaps the cause of your dark circles has nothing to do with fatigue or lack of sleep, but your routine to remove makeup every night is not correct.

The skin of the area (where dark circles appear), is very thin and delicate, even more than other parts of your face. Therefore, the level of collagen in this area is much lower.

Removing yourself with a lot of force, can cause the delicate blood vessels in the area to break, which causes hemorrhages, which, in turn, take on a tone similar to that of dark circles that make you look tired.

Tips to remove makeup properly:

  • Opt for make-up removers with simple and gentle formulas.
  • No matter how many cottons you occupy, do not bother saving them. It is better to use several and that your
  • skin is perfect, without scrubbing it with such force.
  • Apply a little mi-cellar water or oil on a cotton ball, and then drag it over your eyes, delicately. (This will prevent the blood vessels in the area from breaking).
  • To finish your nighttime routine, apply an eye contour that hydrates and refreshes you.

Doing it correctly will keep your skin in perfect condition; even the most delicate.