Requirements for Civil Wedding

Requirements for Civil Wedding

There are requirements for both the religious ceremony and the civil wedding.

The civil wedding is the procedure to be performed by couples interested in getting married before the law. This can be held either in the offices of the Civil Registry, or the judge can go to your home.

The requirements are the following:

1.- Submit a marriage request, which is provided in the courts free of charge.

2.- Certified copy of the birth certificate of the bride and groom

3.- Agreement on the Patrimonial Regime to which the present assets and those acquired during the marriage must be subject, that is, if the contracting parties wish to marry by separate or joint property.

4. Proof of address of the boyfriend and girlfriend less than 6 months old

5. – Current official identification of both parties

5.- If one or both of the contracting parties can not attend personally, special Power of Attorney must be brought for the act, accrediting said representation

6.- If either or both of you have been previously married, you must bring a certified copy of the Marriage Certificate with the registration of the divorce

7.- If anyone is a widower, they must present a certified copy of the corresponding Death Certificate

8.- In the case of minors, provided that both have reached the age of sixteen, the father or mother of the minor must present themselves to grant consent; the tutor is missing and the Judge of the family is missing.

9.- Foreigners who intend to marry Mexicans must submit, in addition: naturalization letter, in absence, apostilled or legalized birth certificate; current permit granted by the Ministry of the Interior and proof of their legal stay in the country, as well as their identity and immigration status.

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10.- Witnesses are volunteers

11.- In some localities, the contracting parties are required to take a prenuptial course that is only given on certain days.

Once they have gathered the documentation, it must be presented in the office of the Civil Registry to request the procedure. It is recommended to present at least 3 months before the wedding. The procedure lasts approx. 11 days, where once the documentation is reviewed and authorized, the date and time for the celebration of the act are set and the fees are paid.

The cost of the procedure varies depending on whether it is done directly in the offices of the court, if it is outside the offices, or outside the territory that corresponds to it. The process must be done in the court of the delegation or town where they are going to marry.

Remember that some requirement may change from state to state, so we recommend you start preparing all your papers with enough time so that you do not get caught up in the rush. If you want more information you can go or contact the court of the civil registry in your area.