Wedding Food Ideas

Snack ideas for a Wedding reception

This article presented by SSwedding Photography Trichy. The sandwiches are a great idea for feeding a large number of wedding guests.

If you want a simple and inexpensive wedding, it serves finger food. The sandwiches can be formal or informal, depending on the menu selection. The time for a snack reception can be in the morning or in the afternoon tea or also at cocktail hour. You will need a banquet company, if you plan a magnificent wedding. Otherwise, friends and family can organize a small buffet for the event.



snack ideas for wedding reception


If you plan something small, set up a buffet table for food.

If you are planning something small, set up a buffet table for the meal. If you invite a large number of people, you may want to hire waiters and banquet companies to serve the canapés in trays. As bite-sized foods are eaten with your hands, you do not need cutlery or crockery, but chopsticks are a hygienic option. You can place food in trays or luxury dishes to make them look more attractive and presentable. Cover the table with themed colourful tablecloths and use disposable napkins and plates. You can place a sculpture of chocolate or fruit elegantly carved for a centrepiece.

Food in the main dish

Smoked salmon on toast can be part of the main course.

Snack ideas for wedding reception

For the main course, it includes cheese and sausage plates. You can serve different sandwiches, such as cheese sandwiches, meat, vegetables, tuna or egg salad. Other portions may include fruit trays with cheese or chocolate sauces, cookie or cheese trays with sauces and chicken wings with barbecue sauce. Mini burgers, smoked salmon or cream cheese on toast, small sausages, shrimp cocktail, meatballs, sushi, chicken with popcorn, mini cakes and croquettes, can be part of the main course as well.

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snack ideas for wedding reception


A cupcake wedding cake combines with the chopped-themed menu.

Apart from the wedding cake, you can serve or create an individual table for desserts. Menus may include brownies, mini cherry cakes, muffins, fruit tarts, chocolate candies, mint candies, lemon squares, mini muffins, cheese, petit fours, cookies and cream buns. Instead of a large wedding cake, you can use a wedding cake of muffins to match the theme of the menu snacks.


Thematic sandwiches

Snack receptions should focus on a specific ethnic cuisine.

If you want your reception to be more interesting, organize thematic food. The theme can be based on your honeymoon or your favourite station. Receptions with snacks should focus on a specific ethnic cuisine, along with the decoration of the tables. You can choose an Italian, Spanish, American, Chinese or Japanese theme. Not only will you make a unique reception, but also give it an exotic touch.