Bridal skin tips

Tips to show a radiant skin on your wedding day

Tips to show a radiant skin on your wedding day

Tips to show a radiant skin on your wedding day. Not only are the dress and hairstyle important, makeup is also key to completing the look of your wedding. For this it is essential to maintain a radiant skin that highlights your beauty. It is hard to follow a daily routine but today we explain how to do it. Overcome laziness and show off your complexion!

Tips to show a radiant skin on your wedding day

Radiant skin at your wedding

A bride needs to feel like the prettiest woman in the world on her wedding day. For this it is essential to have a professional who enhances the features and know what makeup favors more according to the color of complexion, shape of the face, imperfections … Although makeup (and make-up or make-up artist) does magic, a previous preparation is always necessary . We know that due to lack of time, laziness or laziness it is very difficult to maintain a daily beauty routine but it is important to take care of the skin months before the big day.

If you have caught the bull and you have little time left, at LSC we are proactive and we give you some tips to follow to get your skin ready:

Avoid alcohol

It is a fact that alcoholic drinks dry the skin. You do not want to look like dry skin one of the most important days of your life. Make a small sacrifice and you will also forget the bags under your eyes …

Hydrate a lot

Try to drink a lot of water. If possible two liters per day. It is recommended to start two months earlier but if you keep it forever, you will see the results. Drinking a lot of water purifies your body and reduces imperfections .

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Keep a beauty routine

If you do not know very well what type of skin you have, consult a professional to advise you which treatment is most suitable for you and how often to apply it. If your skin is dry you should opt for nourishing creams, while if it is mixed, light and silky creams that maintain balance and provide a sense of freshness. If it is fat, use light creams and fast absorption. It is very important to know which ones are appropriate and maintain a daily routine of beauty .

Facial Cleansing

If you use makeup every day, you should always clean your skin when you get home and before you go to sleep. If you do not, fat accumulates, imperfections and even acne will develop . It is advisable to undergo, at least once before the wedding, a skin cleansing . But always consult what cleaning is good for you, otherwise, the effect will be counterproductive.


Exfoliating the skin is the key to eliminating dead cells. It favors the cellular regeneration process and recovers the luminosity. The frequency varies depending on the type of skin. Some professionals recommend exfoliating once a week. How? Apply the exfoliant (natural or chemical) on the skin and massaging the area in the form of circles. Do not forget the most problematic areas (in which you must make special emphasis): front, nose and chin . You can complete it with a face mask, so your skin will be more nourished. Ideal for mixed skin, fat and those that need a deep cleaning. It is easy to apply . You can do it yourself at home.

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Avoid the excesses and put a bit of your part … You’ll look like a scandal!