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Types of the engagement ring and their meaning

Types of the engagement ring and their meaning

The engagement ring is one of the fundamental pieces in any marriage request. All “yes I want” are strengthened through this unique piece that will make the requested one of the most special moments for any couple. There are multiple styles and formats for an engagement ring and should be chosen to take into account both the personal tastes and the meaning of the piece. Then, in a COMO, we tell you about the types of an engagement ring and their purpose.

Types of engagement ring
Each piece is unique, and each ring has its meaning. The engagement ring is an element that holds a promise and symbolizes love and loyalty. The symbolism of placing the ring on the ring finger comes from antiquity, given that it was believed that on that finger is the amoris vein, which goes directly to the heart, so for centuries it is considered the engagement ring formal symbol of marriage. However, within the magic and commitment that denote this type of jewelry, you should know that each design has its meaning. If you want to choose the engagement ring that speaks most of you, discover the different types of engagement ring that exist next. You can buy the model that you like in Jorge Juan Joyeros, jewelry in Madrid specializing in engagement rings.

Lonely ring
The famous solitaire ring is one of the most traditional pieces when we talk about marital commitment. It is a simple and elegant jewel that never disappoints, due to its discretion and timelessness. The solitaire is the engagement ring par excellence and, within being a classic, you can always add a personal touch.

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The characteristic of this piece is in the number of claws that it has since it will depend on the size of the diamond to which they have to hold. The bigger the jewel, the more volume the ring will have.

Types of the engagement ring and their meaning – Lone ring
Halo Ring

It is an engagement ring that has an elegant and sophisticated design. With the halo ring, the diamond is surrounded by smaller gemstones, which makes it a fine and very delicate gem. This ring is one of the most demanded now, for its beauty.

This type of ring enhances the diamond shine with a double or straightforward design, with cushion cut or princess cut haloes, all combinations that allow the piece to adapt to the style and taste of each wearer.

Rings with rail
If your engagement ring is a ring with rail, this piece will be the real protagonist among your jewelry. It is a design that extols the beauty of diamonds that can be combined with different sizes. For example, you can highlight the tremendous bright with princess diamonds, which are new and modern thanks to its square-cut shape.

Types of the engagement ring and their meaning – Rings with rail
Eternity Ring

As the name suggests, it is the ring of eternity. This design is based on setting the diamonds around the entire arm of the ring, showing an infinite image of the jewel, without beginning or end, just what marriage symbolizes. With this engagement ring, we speak of the unity of the couple, of perfection and eternal and absolute love. This piece is usually worked in white, pink and yellow gold.

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Vintage engagement rings
For many people, the vintage style is more than, and if we move it to an engagement ring, these pieces speak of sweetness in its purest form. Old style rings can be inspired by nature, working with diamonds to form beautiful floral details. The engagement ring with vintage air evokes pure and natural love, the one that will always remain.

Diamonds in tension
Uniting a balanced design, fine, elegant and full of harmony is possible thanks to the rings with diamonds in tension. It is a complicated piece at the same time delicate since the diamonds are held in the air between two pieces of metal.

This is one of the most original and sophisticated types of engagement rings you’ll find in jewelry stores, as well as being a very precious piece of work.

Types of an engagement ring and their meaning – Diamonds in tension

The multi-stone jewelry or trilogies are one of the most symbolic engagement rings. It is a piece that unites past, present, and future, so it is the clearest demonstration of union, love, and commitment. The trilogy helps to combine all those crucial moments lived and to live, that is why it is one of the favorite rings when asking for marriage.

Half alliance
If you want to give an original touch to your engagement ring, bet on a half-alliance. This type of piece is a trend and is becoming one of the favorites when making a request. Jewelers work to create monochrome or bicolor sets and to set half of the ring of the ring with diamonds in channel or claws. Originality, sophistication, and beauty are the flag of the half alliance.

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