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What should not be missing in your wedding video? 10 fundamental aspects!

Wedding videos are now more fashionable than ever. They have always been important, but now they play a very important role in the organization of the big day and that is to get some moving images that make you relive every moment is one of the most important things for many couples. If you still doubt what kind of video you want or how to focus it, we show you what should not be missing in your wedding video, always thanks to the best videographers in the current scene . Wedding Photographers in Srirangam

1. The music
The videographers of Ankerprod are very clear about what should not be missing from your wedding video. It’s about music. Yes, something as essential as necessary. You must accompany the images perfectly.

2. Nature
The professionals of alCuadrado confess that for them one of the secret ingredients to make videos special is nature. “In a natural environment, light, colors and textures behave differently, pleasantly and magically. It is a space that can always surprise you with unexpected moments, such as with a small but intense beam of light or with some leaves falling on the couple “, they detail.

They also say that in nature people feel more connected to each other because there are no artifices, creating a link with the purest of life. They feel free, breathing pure air, good to themselves and all this is transmitted in the couple. In fact, the connection between them is better perceived.

3. The pretty words
According to QMirar professionals can not miss the words of dedication, but not only the couple, but also relatives. They often capture very emotional phrases, which they do without warning so they are very natural.


4. Let them know your story
In relation to the above from Render Emotion Cinema advise that the person who makes a dedication know of you. “In this way, both the bride and groom enjoy the ceremony more, it becomes more enjoyable and more emotional, so obviously the video wins a lot,” they detail.

5. “The secret of the traveling”
It is about those bars “tremendously” uncomfortable to wear that at weddings and on which the operators place the cameras. According to the professionals of QMirar, “we use them continuously during the event, because with them you get incredibly beautiful images and very close to the cinematic effects.”

6. The personality of the couple
A wedding video does or does have to convey the essence of the couple, their personality must be embodied. Be different and unique as each pair of lovers is. “We in each of our works try to reflect the way of being of its protagonists, that’s why none of our video clips is the same as the previous one. Some are romantic, others funny, others a little hooligans … It all depends on who the actor in the story they are, “they explain from A & Y Videography .

7. Trust with the videographer
It is extremely important that both you and your boyfriend have enough confidence in the professional you hire. You must feel at ease and thus you can be yourselves. “We want them to know that they will not miss any time because we will be there so they can remember him forever,” they say from Older García Wedding Stories .

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Therefore, these professionals like to meet their boyfriends, know what people or moments of the wedding are more special and work with the heart so that each frame revives all those emotions. Thus the final result of the video will be, without a doubt, wonderful.

8. Your story told by a professional in a small video
Many times friends make videos with the photos to project in the part of the food or the dance, but why not bet on a video already made by a professional? It is about being able to make a small clip that leaves the guests open-mouthed. Tell the videographer Guillermo Gumiel that the video below was screened at a wedding with all the guests, to be able to enjoy all together the story of how the couple met and the truth is that although people already knew their history, not the They knew view from the perspective of a professional.

9. The small details
It is indisputable that as your big day is that you have prepared everything thoroughly, including the small details, that is why you should never leave them aside. This is the opinion of the professional Enka from WeDay Wedding Films .

10. The funny guest and “bailongo”
In addition, this videographer from WeDay likes to record the most “bailonga” of the party. It does not have to be the person who best dances, in reality, it’s never the person who dances best, but the person who is more spontaneous … “It’s like a ritual, right after the wedding dance I stop for a few seconds and observe the people who are dancing and soon after he goes out on the track. This is someone who stands out, who gives everything and I love to reflect it in the video, “he says.


If after all this it has been clear to you that you must have such a professional on your big day, you should not lose sight of the best wedding videos from Madrid or the best of Barcelona and, of course, the videos that will thrill you .