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Why is the wedding dress white?

Why is the wedding dress white?

The day of the wedding is one of the most anticipated events for most women, and even more so when choosing the wedding dress. That if you want to look like a princess, if you want something simple, what color, with or without accessories … However, this garment has a very different meaning in different cultures.

The tradition that the wedding dress was white was initiated by Queen Victoria of England in 1840, when she wore it at her nuptial ceremony, and since then she imposed a new fashion that all women wanted to imitate.

But much, much before the fashion imposed by Queen Victoria, the wedding dress was very different from what we know now. For example, in the Middle Ages, brides wore red dresses with golden decorations. That is how they represented power and their royalty.

During the Renaissance, the color was not important, but the embroidery, the precious stones, pearls and diamonds that the attire wore.

In the nineteenth century, middle class brides opted to marry dark dresses, as well, they could use them more than once.

In the East, women wore veils for 4 thousand years. Single women as a sign of modesty, while married women, as submission to their spouses.

In Islam, brides are married with a black robe, which means a sign of purity.

Now, the traditions and customs have changed, at least in the West, where the bride decides what dress to wear be white, beige or in the case of the most adventurous, even pink!

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