Photo Booth | Video Booth

Do you remember when taking passport-type photos on automatic machines, also known as? Fotomaton?
How did you press a button that marked the countdown to take the photo?

The Photo Booth system that Orange Half offers, is fun, modern, portable and allows guests to take fun group photos themselves.

The Photo booth is activated through a button that, when pressed, takes a photo automatically, without requiring the presence of the photographer; a few seconds later, a professional print / print of the photograph comes out.

The Photobooth system from Orange Half includes:

  • 1 professional camera;
  • 1 interactive touch computer;
  • Option to take a photo or record a video;
  • Possibility to choose different effects before giving the print order;
  • Possibility to send the photo to the email or share on social networks;
  • 1 tripod / parasol with flash;
  • 1 professional printer (photos can be personalized with the name and date of the event);
  • 1 modern structure that supports all the listed material;
  • Props (various accessories, such as glasses, hair, slates, mustaches, feathers, etc.);
  • 4h or 8h of services, depending on the desired mode.

Main advantages of our Photo Booth:

  • Photobooth is the perfect animation for any type of social or festive event;
  • Intuitive and fun, it has almost 100% adherence, and of all age groups;
  • The guests self-portray themselves individually or in groups, with a simple click;
  • We offer masks, wigs and various accessories to delight guests;
  • Photos printed at the moment with professional quality;
  • Personalization of photos (name and date of the event);
  • In the end, they have access to all photos in digital format and in high resolution;
  • It is an open system, so it offers greater freedom of movement and allows photos to be taken by a large group of people (10 or more people).

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