Three Infallible Tips for you to have beautiful wedding photos

If you are looking for inspirations about your wedding, you have probably seen pictures of royal weddings that took your breath away, haven’t you? Everything was so perfect that it seemed to be orchestrated: the newlyweds, the light in the background, the wind blowing in their hair … to impress the most demanding of brides!

The good news is: you can also have photos like that. And to help you in this delicious mission, we will give you three simple tips that will make all the difference in the final result. Come on?

Although this tip seems click, it comes first because it is the main one. That simple. A good photographer goes beyond someone who invests money in cutting-edge equipment. He invests a good part of his time studying, practicing, looking for inspirations, new locations, new ways of photographing. It is someone who manages to leave the bride and groom at ease, while exercising leadership and directing them in spontaneous and fluid poses. He knows exactly the best hours of natural light and how to position the bride and groom to always have it in their favor.

Like any professional who values ​​his work, investing in a good photographer will require attention to your budget. The tip we give is that you evaluate how much you prioritize good coverage of that single day. The value of good photos can often not be measured in cash as they become priceless. And it is exactly that feeling that every wedding couple seeks in a wedding photographer .

Something that makes the process quite assertive is that you know exactly what you are looking for in that professional. For this, have a wide range of references. Get to know what you like and what you don’t. Search for people from all over the world: different cities, countries, different styles, different locations and different wedding sizes. References can have ideas for very cool poses that you can suggest and see if they are feasible. Don’t limit yourself to just weddings: see outside sessions, family sessions, specialized blogs.

It is important that you establish frank and transparent communication with your photographer. This not only makes the process more productive and more assertive, it also avoids future frustrations. If you fall in love with more than one style ( beach and mountains , for example) – you can choose the one that is most feasible for the wedding and kill your will with an outdoor photo shoot to show off on the big day. Remember to take your references with you to the meeting with the photographer!

If we stop to think, we will realize that a photo is a set of decisions. Of the photographer, of course, but at a wedding it is the decisions of the bride and groom that stand out. The decoration, accessories, scenery, clothing, lighting, time, location – EVERYTHING directly influences what the photographer will be able to capture. And although these items are a constant concern of the couple, we can always pay attention to details. Specialized lighting, decoration with references of the bride and groom’s identity, the presence of furry friends: all of this brings DNA to the photos that are yours alone.

And attention, huh! Details are not always limited to concrete things: do you often know what makes ALL the difference? It’s that passionate look, dancing looking in the eyes, that relaxed laugh, or a sweaty hug from someone who danced a lot on the floor. These moments allow photographers to do what they do best: capture the energy of the moment, in photos that will make you emotional. Bride and groom, be content!

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