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5 Typical Mistakes That Damage The Hair: Hair Detox Now!

5 Typical Mistakes That Damage The Hair: Hair Detox Now!

5 typical mistakes that damage the hair: hair detox now!Without realizing it, every day we do small actions that end up damaging the hair. As the big day approaches and you want to look perfect, we share the following list of common mistakes so that you stop committing them from today.
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Have you been given the engagement ring , you found the best wedding dress , but the health of your hair has prevented you from deciding your wedding hairstyle ? Avoid these five mistakes so you do not have to worry about when your wedding day arrives.

1. Bathe with very hot water

Bathe with very hot water

Although you do not believe it, the hot water dries the scalp (also your skin), because it is a very sensitive area and depends on the hair’s health. If you use very hot water, it will be easier to be brittle, stingy and opaque . Do you dream of your long hair and a beautiful lace wedding dress ? Use warm water.

2. Wash your hair every day

By nature, the scalp produces sebum that keeps it hydrated. If you wash it every day, you could unbalance it , cause the rebound effect and cause it to produce more fat or you could also dry it and cause even dandruff to appear. You do not want to have to say goodbye to the modern braid hairstyle that you loved for your B day, right? The recommendation is to wash it every two days, unless you suffer from seborrhea and require special treatment.

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3. Abuse of hair products

Besides looking for cosmetics without parabens, an essential part to have a shiny and healthy hair is to avoid overdoing the use of gels, lacquers, sprays and products that are high in alcohol, sulfates and silicones . The same happens with combs, oils and ampoules, as they can leave residues that damage your hair to generate seborrhea or dandruff if they are not used properly.

4. Constant use of plates and tongs

Constant use of plates and tongs

The heat generated by these devices, in addition to the dryers, diminish the proteins that protect the hair , which causes the fibers to break and the hair to deteriorate. While there are products that protect you from these effects, we recommend that you avoid them at least one month before the big day so that your hair is healthy enough to withstand the tests of the hairstyle you have chosen and look radiant at the moment that both you wait

5. Fading before the wedding

Fading before the wedding

It is not advisable to make a discoloration a few days before the wedding, less if it is all hair. This process is one of the most damaging to hair in minutes and the saddest thing is that, depending on your health and pigmentation, the level of discoloration that support will vary. That is, a weak or damaged hair will not reach the exact tone you require to apply the dye you want and everything will be in vain. The hair will break easily and will be worse than the bristles of a broom.

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In these cases, it is better not to risk. If it is your desire to have the color you have always wanted, try to do it at least a month before the wedding so that there is time for your hair to recover with proper treatment.

To take better care of your hair, you must not forget that this is a sample of what we do every day; That is why the nutrition and hydration will also be reflected in it and what to say about the vices such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

It looks divine doing the healthful thing possible so that your whole being reflects it and when you get to the altar with a princess cut wedding dress and an elegant hairstyle half gathered , the only thing you generate is a pleasant impression.