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6 tips to organize your wedding

6 tips to organize your wedding

6 tips to organize your wedding. We really wanted to have this moment, but as much as we like to dedicate time to the blog, during the wedding season it is materially impossible. Today we have finally taken a little hole and we wanted to share with you some tips for the coming seasons.

October, month of beginning of preparations for weddings next year and month in which many of you begin to feel overwhelmed by everything that is coming … Relax! Do not panic! There is time for everything and today we give you some tips so that you can enjoy the planning and organize yourself in the best possible way.

6 tips to organize your wedding

The most important thing when you start preparing a wedding is to think, What wedding do we want? Civil or religious? Formal or informal? A banquet or a cocktail? How many guests? There are many questions that first will generate doubts but, once you start talking among yourselves and sharing your ideas, you will have them clear in a short time. 6 tips to organize your wedding

Set a budget . A period it seems complicated, but it is important to have at least an approximate idea to be able to start shaping everything from there. Think that games are more important for you, and in which you want to invest more or less, in this way you will be able to monetize your money.
Each provider in time. Do not run! Something that we often find ourselves especially when couples hire us to decorate or just coordinate the day of the wedding, is that they regret having contracted certain things without having compared enough. The providers that normally have to be hired with more time are space, photographers, videographers, wedding planners … And not because they are more important than others, but simply because these providers do not usually do more than one wedding a day. 6 tips to organize your wedding

Do not forget that a wedding is a matter of two . We recommend you to agree, as far as possible, on the decisions you make and that it is not one of the two who takes the reins of the process. Many times you will think differently and there will be problems when choosing some things but do not let this affect you, and never lose sight of the main objective of all this, celebrate your love with the people you care about.

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The decor is one of the most important points at weddings, and so we have to think very well what you want. It is true that this phrase is widely heard but it is a truth like a house: “Less is more”. The most beautiful wedding is not the one that has more things. It is not about decorating everywhere but about making sense, keeping a line, and transmitting your essence. We often see weddings in which the cocktail area is full of decorative nooks, and yet the banquet tables hardly have a small flower center. If you want our advice, opt for a nice tablecloth, different flower centers, personalized minutes … You will give your wedding a lot of personality.

I can with everything! This is what many couples think when they start planning their wedding. The desire and excitement to make a beautiful wedding, can sometimes lead you to overload work and stop enjoying this process. We recommend that you let yourselves be helped, delegate some things and above all, that the days before the wedding will save time for you. It is your day and you have to get to the wedding with all the energy in the world to enjoy it to the fullest.

You are in one of the most special moments of your life and you have to take advantage of it!

Happy day!

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