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7 different things that (still) you have not seen at weddings

7 different things that (still) you have not seen at weddings.

7 different things that (still) you have not seen at weddings. Do you marry and want to surprise your guests? ss wedding photography brings you the 7 different things you have not seen at weddings (yet). Do you want to be the first and the most original? Take note and read this article carefully! From invitations, details, gifts to music … Come on!

Weddings are cult celebrations of love, can there be something more romantic and beautiful? It is a party full of emotion, joy and positive things. Who does not enjoy a wedding? We all know the procedure that takes place since two people decide to put a date on the ‘yes, I want’: organization, choice of ceremony, place, banquet, party …. And then? Honeymoon! It seems that the same pattern is always followed and it is true but … It’s time to break the protocols!

In ss wedding photography we have taken our best imagination. We have become creative for you that you are in full preparation of the day and we bring you a complete list with the 7 different things that you have not seen at weddings (yet) . If you include any in yours, your guests will never forget it.

Ready? Here we go!

7 different things you have not seen at weddings

1. Original invitations. And we refer to beautiful, different cards, made with creativity … No ugly things and out of place! For this season are invitations with flowers painted with watercolors, flamingos, dried flowers, prints, kraft papers … Cool and carefree style with a retro feel. An idea? Include in your invitation a questionnaire with questions for the celebration so that your guests give their opinion. It’s definitely something new!

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2. Celebration with a daring theme. Do you dare to dress your guests in an unconventional way to celebrate your marriage? There are infinite thematic to organize the wedding and more and more are the couples who decide to marry in an original way. What inspires you the most? If you do not know how to really do what you imagine, it is best to request wedding planner services to help you.

3. Alliances. It is one of the main elements of the wedding. An object full of symbolism. Ideally, they should be the same or, at least, have something in common. More and more jewelers are designing exclusive models for each couple.

4. Cool details. To surprise the guests include or distribute an original gift and leave them all with their mouths open. Escape the typical details and take out your most creative side.

5. For the guests. Think of your friends and something that can be very useful. For example, a retouching kit with makeup, perfume, etc. Or something even better: flip-flops for the feet or a heel cover for celebrations in country settings where the terrain is difficult to walk. The company Daisyheels are engaged in manufacturing and you will find them of all sizes.

6. Surprises at the tables. How about some personalized sweets? Choose according to the tastes of your guests and surprise them with sweets or desserts for each one … It will be a success!

7. Unforgettable music. Essential. I can not miss a good music list at your wedding. Prepare it with time and consult the group or dj that you have hired … Make your guests can not stop dancing!

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