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An organic wedding in 7 steps: make your celebration revolve around the natural

An organic wedding in 7 steps: make your celebration revolve around the natural

Organic means life. The organic weddings are one of the leading trends and full of life this year. The magic of the organic is transformed into a style of celebration in which everything revolves around the natural and whose objective is to highlight details full of energy and originality. The nature of your love will be present on the big day, with elements that will give the wedding its own life. The magic of the organic will be the perfect atmosphere to achieve a celebration with original details in a space full of positivity.

In ssweddingphotography we have created a list with some recommendations to carry out an organic wedding and to surprise your guests:

1. Choose an outdoor location
Whether on the beach, in a garden or even in a farmhouse. Betting on an outdoor place to celebrate the ceremony is ideal to continue with the line of organic weddings. As a benefit, these spaces have natural light , and at the time of taking the photographs, the result will be much better. Ideally, the celebration lasts until the evening to watch the sunset and fill the celebration with energy. The magic of the natural.

2. Uses organic fabrics for the wedding dress
If you want your wedding to be an organic wedding, it is recommended to use organic fabrics such as cotton, hemp, vegetable fabrics or the mixture of some silks for your wedding dress. There is also the option to reuse your mother’s or your grandmother’s wedding dress . A vintage bet is usually a safe bet and recycling is a good way to contribute to the environment.

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3. Offers an organic menu
For the banquet opt ​​for an organic menu with local seasonal foods . The idea is that natural foods go from the garden to the banquet of your wedding. Your guests will love it and you will get a rich and healthy menu.

4. The cake of your wedding that is handmade
The best thing for an organic wedding is to bet on the craft and the natural. A handmade wedding cake is the best option. You can also customize the cake according to your tastes and those of your partner. With the flavor of artisan confectionery and natural ingredients and high quality you will get your guests more than satisfied.

5. Do not miss the flowers
Flowers is a very important element in weddings, and more if you pretend that yours is organic. The perfect floral design will make the most of the use of the natural space. For the bouquet try to use wild flowers of different colors, and do the same for the decoration of centerpieces or for vases. Encourage your guests to take pots or vases after the event so that they can reuse them.

6. Details and decoration
Choose the details you want to be present in the decoration of your organic wedding. Use organic paper for the design of invitations and menus. Take advantage of the wide variety of plants to hang, for example, the table numbers where the guests should sit. Another idea to decorate is to use candles for lighting the space or decorate with glass bottles. Try to be original and innovate .

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7. Colors that combine with vegetation
If you want to continue with the organic wedding line choose shades that combine with the vegetation. Use different ranges of green combined with colors such as yellow, white and orange. This is a very important element, since decantarte by some colors or others will facilitate the choice of decoration and the details of your wedding day.

More and more couples are choosing this trend to celebrate their wedding. The natural is fashionable. Also, do not miss the style codes of an eco-friendly bride to get an authentic organic wedding.