How to save money on wedding planning 14 practical tips!

How to save money on wedding planning? 14 practical tips!

We have compiled the best tips to help you save money organizing your link. Write down these tips and discover how to adjust the budget without giving up a dream wedding!

Reducing expenses in the organization of the wedding is possible. It’s all a matter of taking advantage of resources, cutting back on expendable things and looking at prices well. Thus, when choosing the wedding dress, remember that there are very interesting options among the models of past seasons. Without forgetting a practical trend that significantly relieves the budget of the bride and groom: the rental of bridal gowns. These are just some examples, although there are many more, such as making the wedding invitations yourself or betting on some DIY wedding details ( do it yourself ). Can’t think of where to start? We leave you some ideas on how to do it.

  1. The guests you really want
    Try not to invite people out of compromise . Think about the extra cost of each extra person that you would not have if it were up to you. Don’t you think that an intimate wedding with your closest family and friends would be the best?
  2. Low season
    If you do not have a preference for getting married on one date or another, choosing to celebrate the wedding in the low season can mean a great saving . Not only at the banquet, but you can find cheap wedding dresses if you are looking for the outfit of your dreams among the wedding dresses of previous seasons, and great discounts on other services such as photography and music.
  3. Use flowers and seasonal products
    The food and flowers of the season are cheaper than the rest because they are more abundant . So forget about exotic or imported products if you have a tight budget.
  4. Get married during the week
    If you also choose a working day to say “yes, I do”, the price will decrease even more. A good option is on Friday evenings . Although you can also take advantage of a local holiday in your town or city, since many of the guests will have the day off.
  5. Buy the decoration on sale
    To buy cheaper decorative objects you can go to places that are on sale or that make special offers after some holidays, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Think well about what wedding decoration ideas you want. Surely if you dedicate time and patience, you will find accessories or other elements that will look like perfect ideas for candy bar on your sweet table. At the very least, you’ll be inspired and can start to define some fun wedding ideas .
  6. Complement the flowers with other elements
    Candles, posters, fabrics … There are countless cheaper alternatives than flowers that you can combine with floral arrangements or other types of vegetation.
  7. Reuse the decoration
    What decorates the ceremony can also be used to decorate the banquet or the after party.
  8. Tighter menu
    You can choose to skip the aperitif and go directly to dinner or lunch if it is overwhelming. Another option is to organize an aperitif and have the subsequent banquet consist only of a second course and dessert . You can also opt for a cocktail-type banquet : you will significantly reduce the price per person. Or, if you decide on something more informal, celebrate lunch or dinner in a rural house, in the garden of a family member or even in a picnic area .
  9. Simple menu
    You can also choose a complete menu with simple and tasty food , without having to resort to sophisticated dishes that tend to have a higher cost. It will be liked by everyone and will mean a great saving in the banquet, which is the main outlay of the wedding.
  10. Opt for bigger tables
    If you organize tables for more people you can save on kitchenware, centerpieces and flowers . A simple way to save on banquet decoration.
  11. Reduce the open bar
    If you limit it to beer, wine and some ‘special’ cocktail for the wedding, eliminating the rest of the drinks, the final amount will also decrease considerably.
  12. Toast with drinks from the banquet or party
    It is not necessary to open bottles of cava or champagne especially for the toast. If you want to save a little, do it with what you are drinking at the time.
  13. Gifts by family or partner
    If you want to save on gifts for wedding guests , you can make gifts for a family unit or a couple . Opt for something more colorful or practical so that they can use it and make a good impression.
  14. All together
    You can also save the thank you card and sending it if you include a small note as a sign of gratitude in the wedding detail .

Finally, do not forget to take a good look at the price of bridal bouquets or the infinite adjusted versions that a good professional of floral art can make possible, and do not rule out looking for the groom suit among the previous collections. You will notice the difference!

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